The Swazi Flag

The present Swazi flag, which has been used since 1967, comprises a black and white shield on a bright background of blue, yellow and red. The shield depicts racial harmony and is also part of the weaponry of the “Sotja” (soldier) Regiment that served in World War  II. The blue represents the sky; the yellow is for gold, or the country’s mineral wealth; and the red is the rich fertile soil of Swaziland.


The Royal/Government Coat of Arms

The lion (Ingwenyama) represents the King and the elephant (Indlovukazi, or great she-elephant) depicts the Queen Mother. Both are supporting a Swazi shield. Above the shield is the King’s crown of feathers, which is worn during the Incwala Ceremony. At the bottom is the national motto “Siyinqaba” - We are the fortress.

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