Following several media reports to the effect that Government will buy new vehicles for Cabinet Ministers, Members of Royal Councils, Parliamentarians, Regional Administrators, the Attorney General and others as per the report of the Royal Commission, we wish to state the following:

  • While the report of the Royal Commission on politicians’ remuneration points at availing specific vehicles as an entitlement for Cabinet, it has not ordered Government to immediately process a procurement of these vehicles for the use of Cabinet. As such, insinuations that Government will soon purchase vehicles for the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers are totally misleading and misinformed.
  • Government stands by its November 22, 2018 statement on austerity measures aimed at enhancing fiscal prudence and controls which states that no new vehicles will be bought for Cabinet in the interim as Government intensifies efforts to revive the economy.
  • The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers will continue to use vehicles from the existing government pool and no attempt is being made to purchase new vehicles.
  • Government remains committed to reducing unnecessary expenditure to achieve sustainable economic growth.
  • We will continue to appeal for accuracy and responsible journalism to avoid inciting the public against Government based on misinformation and speculation.

Percy N. Simelane                                                              23 August 2019

Government Spokesman

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