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Buhleni maganuAs a mirror through which the world views eSwatini,The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will be visible and be part of this year’s Buganu Ceremony at Buhleni Royal Residence.
The beautifully dressed team comprised of ladies staff members from the Ministry. Under-Secretary International Cooperation (USIC) Ms Jeniffer Neves and PHRO Ms Hlengiwe Manzini were part of this beautiful team. Clad in their splendid traditional regalia the team would deliver Buganu and other gifts to their Majesties at Buhleni Royal Residence over the weekend.

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Hon Minister Thuli Dladla posing with Taiwan AMB His Excellency Jeremy Liang and one of the Volunteers at Nhlambeni Nazarene Primary School.

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A delegation of devoted medical doctors and personnel from Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps of the Republic of China (Taiwan), consisting of 24 medical Personnel, have been visiting far flung areas in the Kingdom of Eswatini from the 9th of February. The purpose of the visit was to provide free medical services to local communities. The elderly were the dominating group at Nhlambeni Nazarene Primary School at Nhlambeni.

The delegation includes 10 medical specialists in gynecology, neurology,otolaryngology, general medicine, emergency department, Chinese medicine, dental care and pharmacy as well as nurses and vlounteers. Together, they will be working to provide free clinic services for local inhabitants in 9 towns around the kingdom.

Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps, a private NGO founded in 1995 in Taiwan, believes that medical services should transcend national borders and holds as its end goal a united international community working in cooperation to bring about equitable access of health care to all populations.

With the same goal in mind, the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), cooperating with the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of eSwatini, organizes the free medical activities in the coming days to strenghten the ties between eSwatini and Taiwan. The group's leader Dr Chang, Cho Tsai the volunteers came from different countries like  the USA, Australia, Japan and Taiwan with the youngest being 16 years. The volunteers were at Mafutseni yesterday and will be at Mhlambanyatsi, Bhunya today.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Honourable Thuli Dladla, with Ambassador Sibusisiwe Mngomezulu at the AU-EU Meeting

European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) Foreign Ministers held a Ministerial meeting from the 21st to 22nd January 2019, in Brussels.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Honourable Thuli Dladla took part in this auspicious meeting which she attended with Undersecretary for International Cooperation Ms Jennifer Neves. This time the meeting reconfirmed the common determination to build partnership and go towards even stronger and deeper, and more political friendship between both continents. The meeting focused on three main themes:

Political Aspects – peace, security and governance

Economic Aspects – trade, investment and economic integration

Multilateralism – strengthening cooperation in support of a rules-based global order


The Right Honourable Prime Minister’s tour of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation was a huge success and one to be always treasured by the Ministry.
The Premier delivered an uplifting address that was laden with hope and confidence that the country’s economy will drastically improve. His Excellency quoted a biblical example of Nehemiah who built Jerusalem which was in total ruins.
The Prime Minister addressed all staff members at the Ministry’s auditorium wherein he informed all who were present that the Ministry is a mirror through which the world views Eswatini. His Excellency the Prime Minister stressed that the economic woes currently besetting the country will be a thing of the past.
In this regard, the Principal Secretary and the honourable Minister also expressed their gratitude and unstinting support to the Prime Minister. This tour was significant as it brought all the Ministry’s accomplishments and challenges to the attention of the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister was taken to the Video Conferencing Facility and the Server Room which will soon be manned by the Registry department. He further moved to the Executive floor where the PS and Minister’s offices are located. The tour ended at the boardroom where the Premier had a meeting with Heads of Department.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation AMB Joel Nhleko has shed light on the significance of the Kingdom of Eswatini having Bilateral Relations with Mongolia.

·        In this regard, Nhleko pointed out that Mongolia has the potential to help eSwatini  gain more trade opportunities in the international community.

·        Having established bilateral relations with Mongolia, Nhleko explained that eSwatini stands to benefit as Mongolia played host to the International Think Tank(ITT) for Land Locked Developing Countries(LLDC’s). The aim of the ITT is to bolster the capacity of the LLDC’s to undertake research , analysis and advocacy to improve the ability of LLDC,s to build capacity with a view to benefit from global trade and investment space.

·        The ultimate view of this organisation is to raise human development and reduce poverty.

·        Mongolia as facillitators and generators of this critical relevant and cross-cutting data have, over the years , created expertise on how to negotiate better and on more favourable terms for land locked countries.

·        PS explains that through collective representation on Multilateral fora , Mongolia’s evidence based approach to discussions and resolutions could favour eSwatini to make stronger arguments  for better concessions and gain more assistance from the International Community.

·        ESwatini and Mongolia share a unique but significant charachteristics as both are landlocked developing countries, whose access to trade and development are limited by their geographic  disposition and the relations and policies of their neighbours.

·        The dilpomatic relations were not predicated on material benefits one country could benefit from the other but on the notion of maintaining State to State relations which provides an essential framework of the conduct of foreign relations.

·        The framework of the conduct of foreign relations also acknowledges the sovereign status of a country.

·        The relations are aimed at affording an opportunity to States to be firmly recognized, Protected and be in solidarity in the multilateral space.


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