The Decentralisation Programme was adopted as a Government policy position in 2005. The Policy provides for directives to government and all its agencies to ensure that people access services closer to where they live and that administrative institutions at community level have the requisite capacity to deliver such services and woven together by a combination od cohesive Swazi traditional systems and contemporary modern administrative and governance systems. This Policy therefore neatly synergises with the fundamental principles of the Tinkhundla based system of Government. At a much broader level, the Decentralisation programme is designed to support Regions, Tinkhundla and chiefdoms to improve service delivery.


  • To improve Government service delivery
  • To engender citizens' engagement and popular participation in decision-making processes, community programmes implementation and activities
  • To ensure "bottom-up" integrated development planning and implementation of basic infrastructure
  • To empower local government institutions (Tinkhundla) to manage community development projects, programmes and activities
  • To ensure improved and more accountability and transparency in public affairs and the use of public resources
  • By and large, the Decentralisation Programme is a national support systems for regions and Tinkhundla to make them deliver on their governance and development mandate

Programme Implementation

The implementation approach adopted for the programme is an incremental and systems wide approach. in the short term, the Decentralisation programme is mainly concerned with enhancing deconcentration of government services to Regions, Sub-Regions and Tinkhundla and this will go along with issues of setting up appropriate decentralisation co-ordination structures and embarking on advocacy and publicity campaigns.

  • In the short to medium term, the programme will ensure the development of enabling legislation and requisite administrative systems to support Regions and Tinkhundla centres to deliver effective and good quality services
  • In the long term, the programme will be concerned with issues of monitoring and evaluation of the systems and the general efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

 Director of Decentralisation:Dumsani Sithole

 Tel:   2404 6309
 Cell: 7606 3925


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