JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                   JOB NO. 092-A




                                             (Drafted July 2018)


 Drives and maintains various types of government vehicles.


  1. Reports directly to the Inventory and Logistics Officer or other officer as appropriate to the facility to which he is assigned.


  1. Transports MOH officers and medicines and medical products as assigned.
  1. Remains at post of assignment when not transporting passengers or materials in order to provide transport on short notice.
  1. If heavy duty driver, drives boxed trucks and other heavyweight vehicles.
  1. Fills travel authority forms for signing by the supervisory officer.
  1. Keeps the vehicle logbook up to date.
  1. Maintains the vehicle by doing the following;

a).      On a daily basis checks the water level in the radiator and adds water as

          necessary; checks for leaks in the cooling system; checks the oil level and

          adds oil if necessary; checks to see that brakes, lights, indicators, hooter,

          etc.  are in order and reports any defects to the officer in charge; reports

          any other defects as they occur.

b).      On a weekly basis checks the air cleaner and cleans the air filter; orders a

new air filter as necessary; check battery water and adds distilled water up to the correct level; checks brake fluid level and adds fluid as necessary; inspects the underside of the vehicle for any leaks from engine, gearbox, or differential and report any leaks to the officer in charge; washes the outer surface of the vehicle and cleans the interior of the cab of all dust and dirt (more often than weekly if necessary).

c).      On a monthly basis cleans the engine by removing dust and oil from all visible parts; makes a thorough inspection of the vehicle and tightens all loose bolts or nuts; reports all other defects to the officer in charge to be attended to by a qualified mechanic.

d).      Reports excessive oil, petrol, or brake fluid consumption to the officer in charge.

e).      During wet weather regularly washes mud off inner surfaces of mud guards.

f).      Checks tyre pressure when adding petrol and pumps tyre to correct pressure; checks tyre tread level and report to the officer in charge when tyres need replacing.

g).      Ensures that vehicle receives full major service as per instructions on service sticker and that service sticker is attached to vehicle on completion of each service.

  1. 7. Operates the vehicle in a safe manner in compliances with traffic rules and regulations.
  2. 8. Assists in loading and off-loading materials being transported.
  3. 9. Reports any damage to or theft of vehicles or vehicle parts to the officer in charge; fills accident or loss forms.
  4. 10. Wears uniform and keeps himself clean and tidy.
  5. 11. Ensures that the fleet management system is not disabled and the cameras in the delivery truck are working and not concealed.
  6. 12. Performs other duties as necessary.


Valid light duty or heavy-duty driver’s license as appropriate.

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