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All Participants here present

 May I begin by thanking all participants who are drawn from a broad and diverse spectrum of Eswatini Society, for heeding to the call to partake at today’s important Crime Workshop and Dialogue.

I am encouraged by your commitment to dialogue, which aligns with our key ethos as a Nation. All of you gathered here today have truly shown your patriotism and devotion to Eswatini by setting aside all your planned engagements for the day to make your contributions to this forum.

I wish to thank His Majesty King MSwati III and Ingwenyama for leading from the front in ensuring that the culture of dialogue is firmly entrenched and inculcated in the national psyche of Emaswati. This culture facilitates the spirit of unity whereby as a Nation, we discuss about everything impacting on the development, social welfare and stability of our country.

Indeed, sharing ideas in a harmonious spirit is highly recommended instead of resorting to finger pointing and the blame game which inevitably leads to confrontation and anarchy.

This is one Forum which should stand as a catalyst towards creating a crime free society. My optimistic projection is derived from the diversity of minds that are taking part in what will help us define the discourse going forward. We have an array of thought leaders in various spheres and strategic sectors of the Eswatini society hence I have no doubt that the objectives of this Workshop and Dialogue will be adequately realised.

The key rationale for hosting this event is the recognition that no meaningful development or attainment of our socio-economic growth targets as a Nation will be realised if we continue being confronted by crime and its related social ills. It is clear that we have reached a point where we can no longer turn a blind eye to crime when it makes communities live in constant fear for their safety and well-being.


The various crimes that are the subject of deliberations at this Workshop and Dialogue today such as Murders, Violence perpetrated against women and children, Stock Theft, House Burglaries and Robberies, are a real menace and require a new crime fighting momentum. The same sentiments apply to those crimes that affect business growth and stability such as Cybercrime and the Theft of Copper Wire, which is a scourge that also impairs the smooth delivery of essential services to communities. Another disturbing phenomenon is that of Suicides whose rate of occurrence is now a cause for concern.

As we deliberate today, we have the opportunity of addressing the spate of road accidents, given their cost in terms of loss of productive human capital, as well as being a potential threat to the country’s positive profile as a safe haven for foreign investment.


Given the pressing nature of all these safety and security matters, Government saw it fitting that this Forum be convened to facilitate the contribution of different stakeholders on the most prudent turnaround strategy. I am confident that, after today’s engagement we will see increased community centred thrust in the fight against crime and the other safety concerns that have been plaguing us.

Forums such as this are aimed at stimulating the renewal of the safety and security landscape for an effective and refreshed onslaught on anti-social behaviours that may in the long-term undermine the peace and stability we enjoy as a Nation. 


As Emaswati, the onus lies with each and every one of us to jealously guard the peace and stability that is a characteristic feature of our Nation. It is a trait that has become our competitive advantage in the global business arena - attracting the investment capital necessary to transform our economy and create much needed jobs for our youth.

If we fail to deal robustly and decisively with crime, we may be heading for a breakdown of law and order, consequently resulting in the flourishing of globally connected organized crime syndicates who are known sponsors of anarchy, money laundering and acts of terrorism.

We expect emaSwati to adopt a zero tolerance stance to crime, and to ensure that those linked to any form of criminality, including the abuse that take place within the family setting, are duly exposed for the law to take its course. The practice of minding one’s own business is against the ethos of patriotism and active citizenship. Police continue to heavily rely on the support and assistance of the community in order to win the war against crime.


I am therefore looking forward to your input and contributions from all of you today, with a clear comprehension of the fact that active community participation and ownership is the cornerstone of any effective crime and road safety intervention, including the utilization of a multi-sectoral approach.

The multi-sectoral approach is valuable in identifying the root causes of crime and road safety challenges, so that the problem is addressed at its core as opposed to tackling its symptoms.


The innovative and creative interventions to be raised by participants here today will also assist Government in setting priorities and directing resources to address all the safety and security concerns raised. This would also include, ensuring the proper capacitation of the Police with working tools and supporting the processes of enacting enabling legislation, some of which will be flagged during the dialogue. Government’s support will not only be limited to the Police, but will also be focused on ensuring that the whole Criminal Justice value chain operates at optimum levels.

The input to be received here today will also be the basis of a comprehensive Crime Fighting Strategy that will be a blue-print for a robust policing framework from State agency level down to the grassroots community stage, eTinkhundleni naseMiphakatsi.


Allow me to convey my hearty gratitude, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, to two entities that have made generous donations of vehicles and related equipment to the Police Service to support its core operations.

These entities who are true exponents of the Business Against Crime Concept are; The Bankers Association who have donated a brand new double cab vehicle to support Cash-In-Transit escort operations - and the Eswatini Royal Insurance Corporation that has provided a Caravan that will serve as a Mobile Police Post facility to bring policing services closer to communities as well as assist during traffic policing operations.

I have already viewed these operational facilities and I am convinced that they are fit for purpose and will be a tremendous boost to the Police Service.

I take this opportunity to also recognise and thank most sincerely, the many other companies and individuals who also contributed financially and in kind, towards the hosting of today’s deliberations. We immensely cherish the benevolence of these entities and individuals, which has so profoundly contributed to strengthening the country’s safety and security architecture.

May I conclude by once again, thanking all of you for attending today’s session thus making it a resounding success in enhancing safety and security. You are all making a telling contribution to the peace and stability of the country which will be enjoyed by even future generations.

 I can assure you that your input is valuable and will be utilised accordingly since conquering crime remains a key Government deliverable.

As I conclude let me assure you that Government is working round the clock in the intervention and preparedness processes for coronavirus. His Majesty King Mswati III has led the way in urging EmaSwati to be vigilant and we need to take heed. While we remain with no confirmed case in the Kingdom we are still at risk.

Our senior citizens who are 60 and above and those with chronic illnesses are encouraged to visit their health centres regularly to ensure they are in optimum health. Shaking hands should also be avoided and we need to regularly wash our hands with running water and soap. EmaSwati are encouraged to observe all the precautions we continuously receive from the Health Ministry to prevent infection. Government will continue to update the Nation on the current status of the coronavirus.


Thank you. May God bless us all.

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