06 May 2020: His Majesty King Mswati III has thanked EmaSwati from all walks of life for their efforts in helping the country fight COVID-19.

Speaking at a press briefing at Ludzidzini Royal Residence, His Majesty paid tribute, in particular, to the country's frontline workers while urging EmaSwati to continue observing all health guidelines and precautions to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

"We thank all EmaSwati who have worked tirelessly in fighting COVID-19, particularly our frontline workers. We do not want to lose any more lives in this battle. It is important that, as we begin this gradual reopening of the economy, we do not let up on the health measures including regularly washing our hands, staying at home & wearing face masks. It is also important that we do not spread this virus. We should all take the responsibility to protect ourselves & those around us. It is also encouraging to note that some patients in the country have recovered from COVID-19," His Majesty said.

The King lamented the fact that the virus struck at a time when the county's economy was stabilising and emphasised the need for a multifaceted approach in dealing with both the pandemic and economy.

"It is unfortunate that this disease has come at a time when our economy was showing signs of recovery. Now, it has watered down all our efforts which is why we need good strategies in this two-pronged approach of defeating COVID-19 & keeping the economy alive," the King added.

His Majesty also assured the Nation of Government's full commitment to beating COVID-19 while also thanking all partners who have contributed to the country's fight against the virus.

"EmaSwati have always been in our thoughts and we pray that a vaccine is found soon. Government has been working hard to ensure that we win this battle. We will also be continuing to do everything in our power to bring home all EmaSwati in foreign countries. We are also appreciative of the assistance we have received from many partners to aid our fight against COVID-19. In particular, we wish to thank Taiwan who have sent us doctors & high level equipment. Taiwan's management of COVID-19 has been exemplary and we can learn from their methods. The truth is no country can win this battle alone," His Majesty said.

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