The Roads Department studies, analyses, design, upgrades, constructs and maintains the National Road Network. comprised approx 1500 km of main roads and approx 2268.64 km of district roads.  It carries out those functions through a combination of professional services and in-house personnel and equipment.

Analyses and designs are usually performed by registered engineering consultants,  Most physical work of upgrading and constructing roads is also let out to contract by contractors registered in Swaziland.

Road maintenance is currently carried out by contract and by the Roads Department's own Districts Maintenance Districts.  There are four districts for the entire nation with each district having several Road Camps.  The maintenance units are responsible for basic routine road maintenance, that which must be done over and over each year, such as pothole patching, vegetation control, keeping drainage clear, etc.

However the periodic maintenance, that which only needs to be done once every few years is mainly performed by contract.  Examples of this kind of road maintenance activities listed below.

Resealing – Necessary to keep the asphalt paved roads from drying out and sometimes to correct small irregularities in the road surface

Regravelling - When the gravel surface layer has lost most of the required thickness it must be replaced to prevent more serious damage to the roadway.

Road Reserve - The road shoulders, drainage, guardrail, drainage are also important for the extended life of the road.

Road Marking – Road marking is an important safety feature for motorists and must be repainted when it wears too thin.

Small Culverts & Bridges - Sometimes culverts and small bridges become clogged and must be cleaned and repaired.

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