Her Royal Highness Minister for Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) Princess Sikhanyiso this morning met with Her Excellency Ambassador Jean N. Kamau from the Kenya High Commission and Dr. Gatama Gichini who is the Education Attache in the Kenya High Commission to discuss two MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding). One MOU is between the Eswatini and the Government of the Republic of Kenya on Cooperation in the field of Basic Education and the other one is on Scientific and technological Cooporation. One of the aspects is to promote and support the development of cooperation in the science and technology fields which will include research within the human and social sciences. It will also help both countries familiarize themselves with the education systems and have exchange programs between teachers, learners, researchers and scientists.

In her remarks, Her Royal Highness stated that the MOUs came at an opportune time where the Kingdom of Eswatini needed to rebrand herself after the name change (from Swaziland to Eswatini). She said this could work well with the use of technology especially in the education, tourism, and rural communities. She said the Kingdom was very rich with heritage sights that the world does not know about yet it could boost the economy through the tourism sector.

She said the Kingdom of Eswatini through His Majesty King Mswati III has unpacked the concept of what Monarchical Democracy is. She said that in order for the world not to misunderstand the uniqueness of Emaswati’s system of governance, there has to be rigorous rebranding and marketing campaigns that have to be done. Her highness applauded the nation of Kenya for their technological advancement and that the Kingdom of Eswatini would learn a lot from them and vice versa.

Also making her remarks, Her Excellency Ambassador Jean Kamau said they would look at areas of excellence such as agriculture, mainly sugar and livestock just to name a few. She said she looked forward to having more dialogue that would yield good results.

Her Royal Highness was flanked by her Principal Secretary, Under Secretary and Directors from the various Departments in the Ministry. Former Under Secretary in the Ministry Mr. Bhekithemba Gama with his team was representing his Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education. The signing ceremony of the two MOUs will be in April this year here in Eswatini.

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