On March 21, 2014, Acting Minister of Public Works and Transport, Senator Winnie K. Magagula launched the new passenger list to be used by cross border transport operators.  

The Acting Minister Magagula, noted that the passenger list was an significant document and it would have been nice to have it start operating as soon as possible. The passenger list is a document where cross border operators would register passengers they were transporting to destinations outside the country and this came about as a result of a memorandum of understanding between Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Member States which calls for each government to come up with its own passenger list and take over the responsibility from the taxi associations.

In company of the Acting Minister was Director, Roads Transport Department (RTD) Mr. Nathaniel Dlamini who also said the passenger list was a document that would control the cross border operators’ business. He said it was important in guiding the business and also in case of serious accidents so that passengers were easily identified. The 50 page document is available at the Ministry’s Headquarters in Mbabane for E300. 00 Emalangeni.

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