Minister Lindiwe, Ntontozi MP Moses Vilakati, Works

The Ministry of Public Works & Transport has its work clear cut out for it. Minister Lindiwe Dlamini has a long list of things to do in servicing Ntontozi Inkhundla’s public roads and infrastructure which are currently in a dire state.

This was evident during a visit of the Inkhundla on Thursday 29th January 2015 as part of the Minister’s programme of acquainting herself with the state of the country’s roads. The delegation was led by the area’s Member of Parliament and Agriculture Minister, Moses Vilakati and included bigwigs from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport amongst which was the Acting Chief Roads Engineer Vincent Dlamini.

During the tour, the minister and her delegation were shown a number of gravel roads that urgently need to be repaired. Amongst the areas that needed attention was the road damage caused by a donga on the Ncabaneni road, whereby almost half of the road was eaten up while the heavy rains continued to heighten the danger and this posed as a danger to motorists in the area. Bridges were also requested; near a Taiwanese sponsored botanical garden in order to facilitate the development, the Colo Bridge connecting kaNdinda and Ntontozi which was swept away by heavy rains, as well as the low level bridge along Mantjolo River to Mantjolo Primary School amongst others.

The Minister assured the residents that their infrastructural challenges would be prioritized, meaning that roads and bridges will be rebuilt in the near future. She further added that she had toured most parts of the constituency and as a result the ministry has recognized the need to refurbish the roads.

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