From left: Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development Principal Secretary Princess Gcebile, Hhohho Regional Administrator Prince Tsekedi, Minister of Tinkhundla Hon. Mduduzi Dlamini and Shiselweni Regional Administrator Themba Masuku.




The Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration and Development, with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the National Emergency Response Council for HIV and AIDS (NERCHA), is holding a two day workshop with Regional Administrators, Regional Secretaries and Heads of Department from different ministries from the Hhohho region (also known as Regional Development Team).


The workshop seeks to stimulate dialogue and map a way forward on the Tinkhundla Regional Administration Bill of 2011. It further seeks to come up with the Regional Administration Coordination Framework with a view to agreeing on a blue print to be used to manage and develop regions.


The workshop will further provide a synopsis of coordination challenges encountered in coordinating regional development particularly with respect to the Regional Development Teams and further share information on the HIV and AIDS coordination structure with key stakeholders.


Speaking during the official opening of the workshop, the Minister of Tinkhundla Administration and Development Hon. Mduduzi Dlamini said the success of Government’s programmes depended on a strong and efficient Regional Administration. He thanked development partners; UNDP and NERCHA for supporting the ministry in developing a proposal on how to strengthen coordination of development and service delivery in the regions.


The workshop deliverables are a way forward towards the endorsement of the Bill as an Act/Law; an agreed Regional Administration Coordination Framework and; an appreciation of the HIV and AIDS Regional Coordination structure by stakeholders.






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