The Minister of Finance Hon. Martin Dlamini, in the recent Parliament Budget speech, has announced a ten percent increase in the allocation of the Regional Development Fund (RDF)

Government has continued to promote rural and regional development through the Regional Development Fund (RDF) and Tinkhundla Centres. In 2015/16, Government provided E80 million to the Fund, which was utilized to deliver rural electrification projects in various communities. In 2016/17, Government will increase the allocation to E88 million,” read Hon. Dlamini.

 The Hon. Minister also assured the nation that efficiency of the Government grant had been improved.

“Mr. Speaker, to improve efficiency of the RDF, new regulations to strengthen management and general operations have been adopted. Under the new regulations, the Micro Projects Unit was appointed to manage the day to day operations of the Fund.

“The new Regulations have simplified the disbursement of funds to communities, so that resources go into the implementation of extensively scrutinized projects to limit any possibilities of implementation failures in future.

“Let me also clarify that the RDF is open to all members of the community, and it is encouraging to note that more young people have received grants from the Fund to start income generating projects,” read the speech.


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