In the past weeks the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has been inundated with a series of questions and complaints pertaining to University of Eswatini student’s financial assistance. May I at the outset mention that since January 2019 the Ministry has met with UNESWA SRC three times talking and explaining these issues to the students representatives and every time  we were getting the impression that they understand the explanations and that they will be able to in turn explain to their student body. We do acknowledge that understanding does not necessarily mean agreeing to the all explanations...More


Buganu Festival

Another ‘first fruits’ festival, our team had the privilege to celebrate the marula fruit. The women gathered the fruit and ferment a brew (known as buganu; it packs a punch). Locals – mainly males – gathered to drink and celebrate. The festival, which is held in various locations across the country was held at Buhle Royal Residence. It has become one of the country’s most popular traditional ceremonies, and is attended by King Mswati III and other Royalty.


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