The major objectives of the Smart Partnership Dialogue are;

  • To have a nation well sensitized and more receptive to the dialogue concept.
  • To have a nation effectively contributing to national development through an embraced culture of dialogue.
  • To promote tolerance of one’s views and respect towards one another which will help foster peaceful development.
  • To promote the sharing of innovative ideas that provide solutions to development challenges in a spirit of prosper-thy-neighbour.
  • To encourage networking amongst citizens that result in partnerships or joint ventures with win-win outcomes.


To ensuring that the Smart partnership movement lives up to its ideals, the Secretariat has set itself the following Vision and Mission to guide it through the facilitation of this endevour.


To be a HUB for peace and prosperity by linking all sectors of society, locally and internationally, through a dialogue process that employs a ‘prosper - thy- neighbour’ approach and produces ‘win-win’ solutions to help society fully realize the aspirations of their National Visions.


The SMART Partnership Secretariat will facilitate active engagement of every sector of society on all matters affecting their lives by ensuring that their views are captured and put into action through commitment by leaders in the public sector, the private sector, NGOs, the church, traditional structures, the youth and the media whilst being kept updated constantly on progress.


SMART Partnership is a national and international consultative forum where governments engage with all sectors of society to share information, knowledge and expertise in finding solutions to development challenges. It is a unique forum founded on a prosper thy neighbour approach in which citizens from every sector of society get to share the table with heads of state and government leaders where all are equal and speak openly, respectfully and truthfully in addressing complex development problems.

All participants engage in the dialogue without position or pre-judged the solution through a tolerant and transparent manner.

Smart Dialogue consists of a group of people sharing the same vision, values and approaches to practical problems and work together to address them.

The dialogues are geared towards keeping the people of this country together in a peaceful environment and helping the country achieve its national vision by engaging issues that may appear to be derailing progress and sharing experiences, best practices and ideas on how best to overcome them.

The dialogues also bring to the table new innovations that the country could adopt in order to keep pace with the developed world.

The National Dialogue is convened by His Majesty King Mswati III, who is also Patron of the Smart Partnership Movement in Swaziland. The King is also Patron of the Youth and Children’s Link (Club) 29 internationally.

Smart Partnership was adopted by Commonwealth Heads of State in 1995 and His Majesty the King is one of its founding members. Since then, Swaziland has been an active and subscribing member to Smart Partnership movement, participating in all international Dialogues and hosting national and regional dialogues.

It is coordinated internationally by the Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management (CPTM) based in London, UK. CPTM plays the role of a Hub and provides support to member country Hubs. Hubs are responsible for coordinating Smart partnership activities in their countries.

In Swaziland Smart Partnership activities and dialogues are coordinated by the Smart Partnership Secretariat based in the Prime Minister’s office which reports to the Joint Executive group chaired by the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister .

Head of Secretariat: Mr. Moses Zungu

Postal Address:    P.O. Box 395, Mbabane. Swaziland
Telephone Number:(268) 24042251/2406514
Fax Number:    (268) 24043943
E-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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