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My Road Safety Journey: A Letter Writing Competition

The Letter Writing Question

In your school Road Safety Officials visited and taught you about road safety. Write a letter to your friend who goes to another school, informing him/her about what you have learnt.

In your letter include:

  1. Why you think your friend should know about road safety rules.
  2. The categories of road users in the road use environment.
  3. What road safety rules stood out to you the most?
  4. How you think, you can help road safety in spreading the road safety message.
  5. The letter should be 180 – 200 words long.

Justification / Benefits of the Competition

  1. This will enable the Road Safety Council and Secretariat gauge what learners know about road safety.
  2. The competition shall serve to create and increase road safety awareness among school going learners.
  3. This will also involve the learners who are predominantly affected by road accidents.
  4. The competition may catalyse the formulation of Road Safety School Ambassador Programme in schools.
  5. This will also create a strong relationship and link between Education and Road Safety.

Rules of the Competition

  1. Learners over the age of 18 are not allowed to take part in the competition.
  2. Both Primary and High School learners are eligible to enter the competition.
  3. Letters can be typed or neatly hand written.
  4. A School with a lot of entries will receive a prize.
  5. Children, friends and relatives of Road Safety Council Secretariat employees are not eligible to enter the competition.
  6. Markers of the scripts to be chosen after the closing date of competition.
  7. The deadline for submission is 30 September 2019.


The prizes will be divided in categories; Primary school and High School.


Student Prizes

Position 1

Position 2

Position 3


           E1, 500

·         Trophy

Automatic member of Road Safety School Ambassador

(on consent)

·         E 800

·         Trophy

Automatic member of Road Safety School Ambassador

(on consent)

·         E 500

·         Trophy

 Automatic member of Road Safety School Ambassador

(on consent)


·         E1, 500

·         Trophy

Automatic member of Road Safety School Ambassador

(on consent)

·         E 800

·         Trophy

Automatic member of Road Safety School Ambassador

(on consent)

·         E 500

·         Trophy

·Automatic member of Road Safety School Ambassador

(on consent)


School with most entries

School Prizes


E2, 000


E2, 000

02 May 2019

The Minister has appointed a new Road Safety Council in terms of Section 3 of the Road Safety Council Act of 1983. The Council will serve a period not longer than three (3) years from date of publication of the Gazette. This means the term of office will end in the year 2022. To download the Minister's full speech and see the new Council, click here.


11 April 2019

The progress towards the rehabilitation and upgrading of MR 16 (Lukhula-Big Bend road) and MR7A (Lonhlupheko-Siteki road) is well on schedule, something that has pleased the Minister.

The Minister was touring the site to gather first-hand information on the project. In his short remarks, the Minister stated that he was doing a short yet important site visit to see the project and made mention of that what he had seen, considering the short space of time since inception of the project, was quite impressive.

“I may not be an engineer or see this at an engineering perspective, but what I see and from what I’ve been told, this is perfect,” he said.

The progress, according to Project Consultant Gcina Mohammed, is currently at 30% and is well in schedule to be completed in time.

Emmanuel Nsanzubuhor, the Acting Contract Manager stated that 153 resident locals had benefited through the project by means of employment and only 15 were expatriate.

Project expected to stay within cost

The contractor has assured the Minister that the project is expected to stay within cost and the allocated budget. “We are trying all to keep the project within cost and time. At the moment, we are not expecting any shortfalls that may result in variations leading to cost escalations,” Mohammed stated.

The Principal Secretary in the ministry, Makhosini Mndawe, assured the Minister that the project would definitely stay within cost.

This project is a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) between the Government of Eswatini represented by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and WBHO/AG Thomas Joint venture and the project is a 2-year contract which began on 26 November 2018 and is expected to finish on the 26th of November 2020.



-­­­­­­­APRIL 2019


Greetings to the ALL EmaSwati;

We thank the Lord for keeping us safe over the past festive season to date.

We are fresh from celebrating key national events, especially that of Buganu celebrations, where again the Lord kept us safe.

As we begin the Easter season where we are expecting high traffic volumes as the nation and tourists will be travelling to their different destinations within the beautiful Kingdom of Eswatini, mostly religious celebrations as the Kingdom is known for its Christian principles.

For some, this will be an opportunity to visit family and friends. This again will further increase the traffic volumes on our road network.

Just after the Easters, the nation will be heading to Buhleni in their numbers to celebrate His Majesty, King Mswati III’s birthday.

The increase in traffic volumes calls for all road users to be extra cautious. We call for increasedcourtesy, patience and tolerance between drivers and pedestrians.

Statistics indicate that pedestrians are the most susceptible and vulnerable to road traffic crashes. That being said, the nation is cautioned to be extra vigilant in “Saving Lives”during the Easter season and at all times.

The Ministry of Public Works through the Road Safety Division urges road users to adhere to the following;


  1. I. Use roadworthy cars at all times. This will reduce inconveniences of not completing your intended journey in the manner you had planned.
  1. II. Pre-plan your journey to avoid over-speeding. Operators of Public Transport who will be hired to transport the nation to their different destinations must acquire the relevant permits on time.
  • III. Winter is upon us. The days become shorter than nights and that increases the chances of road users being caught by the fall of darkness before they reach their destinations. Pedestrians are urged to wear bright-coloured clothes for enhanced visibility which will help prevent accidents.
  1. IV. Latest vehicle models have automatic daylight driving lights.Drivers of vehicles without such are encouraged to turn on their lights even during the day to increase vehicle visibility to other road users.
  1. V. Cyclists and motorbike users are also classified among vulnerable road users (VRUs). They are prone and highly susceptible to road traffic crashes. They must always wear helmets for protection at all times. Motorbikes should also have their headlights on even during the day to minimise road traffic crashes.
  1. VI. The nation is requested not to board overloaded vehicles. Overloading compromises the vehicle safety standards and increases chances of road traffic crashes.
  • VII. To all road users, ensure that you all observe traffic signs. The Road Safety team will be all over the national roads promoting road safety. Please accord them a moment of your time to be educated on road safety.
  • We wish the nation prosperous Easters filled with the Peace of God.
  1. IX. We wish His Majesty, King Mswati III a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Prosperous Celebrations.



8 March, 2019

His Excellency the Prime Minister, Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini paid the Ministry of Public Works and Transport a courtesy call where he called for efficiency in doing more for less.

This was part of his courtesy call to all government ministries. The PM was warmly welcomed by the Minister Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe, Principal Secretary Makhosini Mndawe and staff.

In his welcoming remarks, the Minister emphasized the importance of the Premier’s visit to the ministry and how grateful he was that the PM would get to know the ministry's departments and what they do. The Minister expressed the importance of transparency among government officials and how this could take the country to greater heights. “I believe what the PM has to deliver for the ministry will be very much helpful in setting tone towards our operations,” said the Minister as he welcomed the PM.

Doing more for less

The ministry was encouraged by the Prime Minister to come up with innovative yet economically viable ways to improve service delivery. “We are accountable to civil servants and the nation on how we use their tax. So, we need to learn to utilize available resources to achieve more with less while maintaining quality,” he said.

The ministry was also encouraged to finalise the strategy that would ensure it delivers on such a mandate. The Premier was very optimistic that in 2 to 4 years the national economy will be very much transformed for the better.

Model State

The Prime Minister made an example of countries who had turned their economic situations around for the better in the past and highlighted the country was looking up to same in making the country a model state for economic turnaround for improvement. “The ministry has a huge assignment that can never be underestimated because infrastructure is very key to national advancement and tourism attraction. We want this country to be a model state as the King’s 2022 vision states. That can only happen through the efficiency of the ministry,” he said.

Toll Gates     

He also wondered if the ministry would push to resuscitate the establishment of toll-gates. He was of the view that money collected from toll-gates would greatly help in maintaining national roads. “As a means to help with the maintenance of these important roads, the issue of the construction of toll-gates ought to be revisited, and brought back to Cabinet,” he said.

Team Spirit

A huge emphasis on collaboration within the ministry itself, and other ministries was made by the Premier when he called for cooperation between the ministry and all its stakeholders, underlining that team spirit was key and very important in all partnerships.



The ministry handles massive projects and worth huge national financial resources drawing a lot of attention and public scrutiny towards the ministry, but nonetheless, we cannot control how we are perceived but we can control our manner of service delivery and I encourage everyone to build their names by improving their service delivery rate. - Honourable Chief Ndlaluhlaza Ndwandwe

“I always tell the story of Nehemiah in the Bible who was sent by God to rebuild Jerusalem. I have been appointed for same in these trying economic times hence the visit to all ministries, including this one, so I can familiarise myself and see where and how you work. I believe this is the season for us to work together to take the country to greater heights. God is going to make this nation very successfulHis Excellency, Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini

“As a means to help with the maintenance of these important roads, the issue of the construction of toll-gates ought to be revisited, and brought back to Cabinet” - His Excellency, Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini

“I am happy on your behalf that you have the Chief as a Minister. He is young, energetic and represents you well as a member of Cabinet. He loves his work; he is respectful and humble and he puts the country and authorities first.” - His Excellency, Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini

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