Services Offered By Department

Through its infrastructure section, the Department provides Technical Assistance to Local Authorities with Infrastructure Development, Maintenance and routine Monitoring of Capital Programmers.

The section also provided building plan scrutiny and approval services for public buildings in Swaziland. 

The Building Application Process

When there is a building to be constructed in any of the above mentioned areas, the agent will fill out the building application form (Form A). These forms can be obtained from the Local Authorities Officers or at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in Mbabane. The following are the local authorities that receive building applications.


When you submit your application to the appropriate local authority, you should submit a complete application that includes the following:

1.    The application form;
2.    Working drawings;
3.    A site plan showing access to the public road, existing building, plot boundaries;
4.    A location map;
5.    All sewerage, drainage and water plans;
6.    If required by the local authority in the case of structural frameworks, the attachment of a structural engineer to your project.

Five copies of all these documents are required. One set of drawings should use the conventional building/construction colour codes

In addition, there is an application fee that must be paid. This fee is paid on submission of the application.

Delays in the processing and approving of the application are sometimes caused by incomplete application and by proposed building alterations that are not in compliance with building regulations. Please refer to the Building Act 1968, local building regulations, and consult your Local Authority on specific requirements of the building application.

All the recommendations are compiled by the City or Township Engineer. He or she might have comments on additional issues that need be considered by the Local Authority.

The final decision regarding the application is made by the appropriate Local Authority. In the Cities of Mbabane and Manzini, the building application is decided the City Councils.  In all other areas in the Kingdom, the decision is made by the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development


Any person who is aggrieved by the decision issued by the Engineer may appeal to the Building Appeals Tribunal within 14 days after receipt of the notice or decision.

Local Authorities Administered by the Department

Municipal Councils
Mbabane City Council     Manzini City Council
P.O. Box 1     P.O. Box 418
Mbabane     Manzini
Tel: 2409-7000     Tel: 2505-8142/3       

Town Councils
Nhlangano Town Council     Pigg’s Peak Town Council
P.O. Box 888     P.O. Box 479
Nhlangano     Pigg’s Peak
Tel: 2207-8142     Tel: 2427-1720

Siteki Town Council
P.O. Box 57
Tel: 2343-4408   

Town Boards
Ezulwini Town Board     Matsapha Town Board
P.O Box 344     P.O. Box 1790
Ezulwini     Matsapha
Tel: 24162531     Tel: 2518-6637/8

Hlatikhulu Town Board     Mankayane Town Board
P.O. Box 523     P.O. Box 388
Hlatikhulu     Mankayane
Tel: 2217-6135     Tel: 2538-8001   

Vuvulane Town Board     Ngwenya Town Board
P.O. Box 112     P.O. Box 97
Vuvulane     Ngweya
Tel: 2313-1455     Tel: 2442-4606/7   

Lavumisa Town Board
P.O. Box 6
Tel: 23046014

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