To improve the health of the people of Swaziland by providing leadership in the production, delivery and utilization of health services which will consistently increase longetivity and quality of life.


  • A healthy and economically productive population that lives longer, healthier and socially fulfilling lives, and contribute optimally towards the national vision of achieving first world status.


  • To promote health through the life course and improve access to essential, affordable and quality clinical services towards universal access
  • To improve prevention and control of communicable and non communicable diseases access to essential, affordable and quality public health services towards universal coverage
  • To work collaboratively with key sectors to influence health actions within these sectors To strengthen health systems capacity and performance
  • To improve in the management of medical related conditions
  • To improve and strengthen health service delivery
  • To strengthen rehabilitation following health events


General Objective: To move towards the attainment of Universal Health Care coverage within defined health services.

Overall goal: To reduce poverty through improving accessibility to health care delivery at all levels.

Goal 1: Increasing the number of health related services and interventions provided across the country

Goal 2: To increase coverage of population by different health related services and inteventions

Goal 3: To reduce household financial burden incurred at the point of access and utilization


The Ministry of Health procured a warehouse with 14000 square meters in space. The Ministry will now have a sustainable arrangement in terms of space availability for the storage and distribution of medicines and medical products. Furthermore, Global Fund had made this acquiring of additional space a condition of their support and since the Government of Swaziland has met this condition the support from Global Fund is secured for the next three years.

Construction of the chemotherapy unit is complete, furniture and equipment has been delivered and set up. The facility is already operational, providing chemotherapy treatment to breast cancer patients.

The Mbabane Government Hospital has sought services of Private Orthopaedics specialists and a Urologist in addition to the resident specialists in a bid to handle the high patient load as well as to reduce referrals to South Africa for these specialized care services.

Signing of TB grant with Global Fund: The Program signed TB grant with the Global fund that will run for 3 years.

Signing of the malaria cross boarder initiative between Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa (MOSASWA) by the Minister of Health. Representatives from the three countries met with the goal of reviving the malaria control cross boarder initiative between the countries. During this meeting, a concept note and a declaration was prepared for the Ministers endorsement. The meeting was held in Mozambique in July where heads of states from the three countries came to sign the declaration.


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