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Ministry of Health





To improve the health of the people of Swaziland by providing leadership in the production, delivery and utilization of health services which will consistently increase longetivity and quality of life.


  • A healthy and economically productive population that lives longer, healthier and socially fulfilling lives, and contribute optimally towards the national vision of achieving first world status.

 Mid Term Objectives

  • To promote health through the life course and improve access to essential, affordable and quality clinical services towards universal access
  • To improve prevention and control of communicable and non communicable diseases access to essential, affordable and quality public health services towards universal coverage
  • To work collaboratively with key sectors to influence health actions within these sectors To strengthen health systems capacity and performance
  • To improve in the management of medical related conditions
  • To improve and strengthen health service delivery
  • To strengthen rehabilitation following health events


 Sector Objectives

General Objective: To move towards the attainment of Universal Health Care coverage within defined health services.

Overall goal: To reduce poverty through improving accessibility to health care delivery at all levels.

Goal 1: Increasing the number of health related services and interventions provided across the country

Goal 2: To increase coverage of population by different health related services and inteventions

Goal 3: To reduce household financial burden incurred at the point of access and utilization



  • Introduction of two new vaccines (Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine and Measles Rubella) into the national routine immunization schedule
  • National trivalent Oral Polio Vaccine to bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine switch successfully implemented
  • Tender award for construction of MGH Referral and Emergency Complex (MGH-REC) and works have already commenced.
  • The new temporal OPD in Mbabane is fully operational.
  • Renovation of the Mbabane Government Hospital Maternity Unit was completed in August 2016 and unit is fully operational.
  • The extension of the Mbabane Government Hospital Renal Unit (Phase1) has been completed and the unit is fully functional.
  • Construction of Mkhuzweni maternity and theatre completed
  • Completed the construction of three clinics; namely, Lundzi, Maphalaleni and Ezindwendweni.
  • The Ministry successfully launched and conducted the deworming exercise
  • Five new clinics started operating i.e. Nsalitje, Nhlambeni, Bhudla,Ndzingeni and Mkhitsini


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