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Background of DWA
The Department of Water Affairs is established according to the Water Act of 2003 as the secretariat to the National Water Authority. It comprises of three government sections within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy. These sections are:
.    The Water Resources Section – Responsible for the management and development of surface resources which includes the development of dams, monitoring river flows and the control of water pollution.
.    The Rural Water Supply Section- Responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of rural water schemes.
.    The Hydrogeology and Drilling Section – Responsible for the exploration, drilling and management of groundwater resources.

Rationale for a Strategic Plan
The strategy is aimed at the following:
.    Translating plan into action
.    To reinforce the integration of the sections that exist within the Department of Water Affairs.
.    To ensure that operations remain focused on the agreed Key Result Areas.
.    To guide the operations of the Department and ensure that resources are correctly channeled to identified priorities.

Contributing to national economic prosperity and social upliftment through sustainable water resources development, supply and management.
Mission Statement
To provide adequate water resources at acceptable standards ensuring sustainable use, development and management taking into account the environment.

Water is our life, our future

.    Professionalism
.    Accountability
.    Transparency
.    Confidentiality
.    Meeting deadlines
.    Cooperation
.    Integrity
.    Innovation
.    Commitment
.    Punctuality
.    Respect

Dam Operations and Maintenance

Hydrology Section

Water Control Section

Laboratory Section

Engineering Section

Rural Water Supply Branch



Directorate: Mr. Obed B. Ngwenya
Postal Address: P.O. Box 6201
Physical Address: Millers Mansion Building
Mdada st
Telephone: +268 2404 3585 +268 2404 2929



Fax Number: +268 2404 4330

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