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The objective of the bio-technology park project is to create an industry that will exploit a variety of high value commercial crops and animals for the benefit of the Swazi people. Among other things, the bio-technology park will serve:

  • To stimulate and pursue research on the commercialization potential of indigenous plants and animals.
  • To propagate, process, package and sell value added products derived from natural plants and animals.
  • To create opportunity for employment of local people, and for local business entrepreneurs and SME’s to participate in harnessing the country’s natural resource wealth and benefit from its commercialization and trade.
  • To explore trade opportunities that exist for Swaziland’s nature based products in the local, regional and global markets.
  • To enhance access of processed products in existing markets.
  • To attract tourism and eco-tourism development.
  • To enhance sustainable use and protection of environment resources.

a)The Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP) is a national vision, driven by His Majesty King Mswati III to help develop a knowledge industry in Swaziland that will help position the country as a premier location for research and development. This project will go a long way in attracting the diaspora and further creating jobs for highly skilled Swazis. The RSTP initiative has been partially supported by the Taiwan Government with consultancy services being offered by CECI, a Taiwan based company.

b)The Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP) proposes an initial double pronged approach to developing the scientific potential of Swaziland that is, the development of Bio-technology and Information Technology industries in tandem. Initially the Bio-Technology Park and Information Technology Park sites were adjacent to each other but this has had to change due to unforeseen circumstances. This change of site occurred after a development Master Plan had already been drawn. It is prudent at this point to make it clear that the change of site does not affect the feasibility of the project as it still remains within the same radius to the dry port and other facilities that are key, as mentioned in the Master Plan.

RATIONALE Employment creation:

  • Many locals will be employed from pre-construction stage through construction and after the project has been developed.
  • Skills Transfer and development - Skills will be transferred during the development of the project as the consultants from India will partner with local companies
  • Attract Foreign Direct Investment in the Knowledge Industry - The project will attract much needed FDI in Research and Development as well as attracting other related companies to support bio-technology, tissue culture, and various commercial research activities.
  • Infrastructure Development -The construction that will take place will change the face of Swaziland forever.
  • Providing opportunities for SME’s to grow into big corporate firms - Our SME will have the opportunity to be natured in the ICTC incubation facilities and get support to grow into strong and independent companies.

Project Manager: Mr Vumile Dlamini

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P. O. Box 642

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Inter-ministerial Building                       
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Mhlambanyatsi Road

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