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This section is headed by the Senior Veterinary Officer (Field Services) who is based at Veterinary Headquarters.  Veterinary Field Services is decentralized to the four regions of the country with regional offices headed by Regional Veterinary Officers. This section is also responsible for the Central Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory as well as Mpisi Veterinary and Farmer Training Centre.

The role of the Veterinary Field Services

  • To implement Animal Health Programs (dipping, vaccination etc)
  • To do diseases surveillance
  • To do Livestock movement controls (export/import and local)
  • To conduct training for veterinary and livestock staff as well as livestock farmers

Major activities under Veterinary Field Services include the following;

    • Dipping (Livestock tick control)
    • Livestock identification (branding and ear tagging) 
    • Vaccination of cattle against contagious abortion (CA)/brucellosis
    • Rabies vaccination 
    • General disease surveillance 
    • Foot and mouth disease surveillance
    • Laboratory diagnosis of diseases
    • Warts vaccine production
    • Livestock movement control (local movement and import/export permits and certification)
    • Annual stock census
    • Contagious abortion (CA) and tuberculosis (TB) testing
    • Inspection of livestock establishments’ compliance to animal health regulations
    • Training of Veterinary Assistants
    • In-service training for veterinary and livestock staff
    • Livestock farmer education

For further information on the above activities and services contact the following :

Headquarters: Senior Veterinary Officer (Field Services)
Ministry of Agriculture
P.O.Box 162
Tel: 2404 2731/9 or 2404 6362

Hhohho Regional Veterinary Office:
Regional Veterinary Officer
P.O. Box 10
Tel: 2404 2167 or 24045768

Manzini Regional Veterinary Office
Regional Veterinary Officer
P.O. Box 4192
Tel: 2505 2270 or 2505 2650

Lubombo Regional Veterinary Office
Regional Veterinary Officer
P.O. Box 43
Tel: 2343 4268

Shiselweni Regional Veterinary Office
Regional Veterinary Officer
P.O. Box 11
Tel: 2207 8368

Central Veterinary Laboratories
Veterinary Investigation Officer
P.O. Box 4192
Tel: 2505 2204

Veterinary  and Farmer Training Centre (Mpisi)
Veterinary Education Officer
P.O. Box 163
Tel: 2505 3760

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