the donation receiving ceremony for the computerization of tinkhundla project




DATE:  03 FEBRUARY, 2016 

TIME:     12:30 pm.

portfolio committee members from both houses of parliament

principal secretary (mtad)

officials (mtad)

members of the media

ladies and gentlemen,

I greet you all, sanibonani bekunene.

today I am pleased to convey our gratitude as the ministry of tinkhundla administration and development to the republic of china on taiwan for their kind donation of office equipment valued at three hundred thousand united states dollars (300 000 us $),  which is more than E3.3 million.

in total the embassy has donated 91 computers with stands, 16 laptops, 8 photocopying machines, and 91 printers.

I sincerely  accept this donation with a deep sense of gratitude as well as renewed hope that tinkhundla will live up to his majesty’s government’s expectations of leading communities towards vision 2022. these equipment we RECEIVED ARE an essential element in ensuring effective service delivery in tinkhundla centers.

I believe that The computerization of the Tinkhundla project will significantly contribute towards bringing Government as well as improved service closer to the people in the different regions, sub-regions, Tinkhundla and chiefdoms across the country.

may I as I conclude this speech assure the republic of china on taiwan that all the equipment donated today will BE SAFE and be put into good use.


I thank you.


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