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ABOVE: The Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini flanked by Menzi Dlamini (2nd L) with other community leaders during the Minister’s tour on Nkhaba Constituency’s roads infrastructure, on 5th April 2017. 

The Minister of Public Works and Transport Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini, was in the company of newly elected Member of Parliament for Nkhaba Constituency Menzi Dlamini, on Wednesday, 5th April 2017 toured Nkhaba Constituency’s road infrastructure. The tour was part of the Minister’s ongoing visits to community level roads infrastructure, whereby she and Senior Officials from the Roads Department get first-hand experience of the road infrastructure at constituency level.

During the tour was shown a number of dilapidated gravel roads that urgently needed rehabilitation. Dlamini highlighted that part of the Ministry’s mandate is to upgrade, construct and maintain the national road network that will stimulate economic development in the rural areas.

The tour began at Mantjolo-Hawane road. It is worth noting that  Nkomati, Kufikeni, Luvinjelweni, Mnyokane-Mbuluzi via Jubukweni communal roads where most of the roads need regravelling and low-level bridges that links the community to major institutions including schools, clinics and churches. The Minister further put emphasis on the many challenges the Ministry is facing, as far as road maintenance is concerned.

Dlamini also acknowledged the Member of Parliament for being in the forefront during the budget debates, in which it had to go for review, as a result the Ministry will be able to utilize the budget that they have been allocated effectively and efficiently for the development of the national roads network, and the improvement of the roads will improve the flow of traffic to and from communities and other supporting road networks.  

Dlamini further highlighted that the development of communities is a a catalyst in job creation and training of unskilled people from the local communities these projects highlights the commitment in investing in people and will contribute to the Ministry’s vision to be a world leader in the establishment of road infrastructure and transport systems.

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