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Pre- Service Tertiary Education and Training Study Loan (PTET)

Pre- Service Tertiary Education and Training Study Loan Selection Process and Criteria for the award.


The Pre- Service Tertiary Education and Training Study Loan (PTET) Loan is designed primarily for the support of bona fide Swati high school graduates to study in colleges, vocational schools and Universities at Eswatini and Africa on full time basis.

Students who will benefit from the PTET Study Loan must have completed high school and obtained pre-determined course specific points threshold at the time of submitting application for the study loan. Information on the points threshold is available online at . Points are calculated based on the best five passed subjects.

The PTET study loan funds are limited and therefore allocated using a competitive objective criteria, i,e the ministry allocates a maximum number of students to be funded each year. Funds are allocated starting with students with the highest points up to the number of students who can be funded. Students above the set points threshold may in some instances fall outside the funded bracket if the number of student with high points are many. There has been an increase of this trend in recent years.


Successful loan applicants must be Swati, not more than 30 years and intending to take up study in any of the current government priority programs in recognized training institutions. The priority programs and recognized institutions are available in

The PTES loan does not fund post-graduate programs.


The Study Loan and Scholarship Agreement Order of 1977 being the principal legislation governing the resultant contract between successful applicants and Government for PTET Loans provides for two streams of financial support that can be provided to qualifying applicants.

  1. 1.Student Study Loan ( SSL)

This is the primary financial support granted to applicants for tuition and related academic imperatives such as books and internships. Successful applicants are upon obtaining the Eswatini Government PTET Study Loan sign a Study Loan Agreement with explicit terms and conditions.

  1. Student Assistance Finance (SAF)

This is secondary financial support granted to students who already have study loan agreements but need special support for personal upkeep. Once the student special need has been determined and confirmed true the student will, subject to availability of funds, sign a Student Assistance Finance (SAF) Agreement with explicit terms and conditions.

Processing students’ applications for Student Study Loan (SSL) will go through the usual process of students lodging an application with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security- Scholarship Unit and applicants thereafter called for interview by the Scholarship Selection Board following guidelines and parameters set by the Ministry.

Students who wish to be considered for the Student Assistance Finance (SAF) facility will have to make a separate specific application from the original SSL application to a Board established for this purpose. An objective assessment criteria will be used to determine students’ qualification for the study loan. Reasons will be provided for all unsuccessful students. Students may make applications for study loan support throughout the academic cycle as their personal circumstances change from time to time. The objective assessment criteria is available in

Interviews for the 2018 intake have begun. We are appealing to parents and students to listen to the national radio for announcements and make sure students attend interviews on the allocated dates. Applicants who will not show up on their allocated dates will lose their space and may not be interviewed in this cycle.

Thulani Mkhaliphi

Principal Secretary

The Objective Assessment Criteria for Study Loan Facility

Students intending to apply for the Study Loan Facility will download from an application form, fill it out and send it to a dedicated email address. An automatic message confirming receipt of the form will be sent to the applicant. Announcement for accepting applications for the SLF will be made once the SSL process is complete.

The application form will be pre-reviewed by the Board which will also undertake any other necessary background check and confirm correctness of the information provided, request for clarity/ more information and schedule the applicant for an interview. Physical interviews are not expected to take long. This will mainly for establishing unclear facts and telling the applicant the outcome and allowing him/her an opportunity to also get clarity or mitigate where such may be necessary.

Applicants are to be put into three bands for purposes of classification depending on need. Funds will be allocated on a descending order, starting with most needy band to the least needy within the limit of available funds.

  Student categorization based on surviving parents income levels       % Allocation Based on Given per student  SAF ceilings for the Year
Band A Limited Pressure Parent (s) income  is above E25, 000.00 -----  0%
Band B

Average Pressure











Single parent with income below E15,000.00 per month 




Single parent with income below E25,000 per month with proof that parent is supporting other siblings




Parents income  below E15,000.00 per month





Both parents income above E25,000.00 per month but can prove that educational expenses for other siblings take over  50% of income

* 40%
Band C

High Pressure     











OVC and can prove that education was supported by Social Welfare Programs, Benefactor individuals or through some other adhoc means.



Parents income below E5,000.00 per month



Parents’ income above E5, 000.00 per month but below E15, 000.00 with supporting proof that parents are also supporting other siblings.



Both Parents are seniors ( above regular retirement age)



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