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To advance the interest of Swaziland and Swazis internationally, through enhancing national security, contributing to growth in the economy, employment and standard of living, assisting Swazi Nationals abroad, strengthening global cooperation in ways that advance Swaziland’s interest, fostering public understanding of her foreign policy and projecting a positive image of the country.


The mission statement of the Ministry is “to establish and maintain international relations, and cooperation between the Kingdom of Swaziland and the international community”.

(a)    Develop and effectively administer a sound foreign policy on safeguarding National interest
(b)    Fostering bilateral and multilateral relations and supporting international Peace


Commitment:   Dedication, diligence, passion, loyalty and selflessness
Competence:   Efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, usefulness, resourcefulness and confidence
Discipline:   Customer service, doing what is expected, respect, courteous, timely delivery of work, punctuality and displaying a positive response to duties and responsibilities
Integrity:   Honesty, loyalty, fairness, transparency, faithfulness, consistency and sincerity
Teamwork:   Coordination, consultation, information sharing, supervision, leadership, delegation and trust


The portfolio responsibilities allocated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation under Legal Notice No. 194/1996, include the following:

Political, international relations and cooperation
Protocol services
Maintain constant dialogue with Mission Abroad
Coordinate SADC activities
Custody of international treaties and conventions
Foreign policy


The Ministry’s objectives are:-

To strengthen and maintain diplomatic relations with the international community
To develop, implement and manage the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Swaziland
Provide specialised legal support services and advise on international legal instruments
To build capacity in the Missions abroad to be active in trade, investment and tourism development issues


To carry out the abovementioned tasks, the Ministry undertakes the following functions:

  • Develop protocol standards and procedures and apply them consistently to enhance Swaziland’s foreign policy and foreign relations objectives
  • Establish and manage Swaziland’s foreign missions as external arms for realizing the objectives of Swaziland’s foreign policy and relations.
  • Analyse and keep the Government including the general public informed on developments abroad as they affect national interests
  • Safeguard and promote the interests of Swazi nationals abroad and provide consular services
  • Ensure effective performance and efficient management of the Ministry, both at Headquarters and Missions Abroad.


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