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To be a vibrant quality service provider in the tourism and environmental sphere


To promote and support the tourism industry, wildlife conservation within an environmental framework that enhances amenities, conserves culture, sustains forest management, embraces meteorology and addresses climate change challenges to contribute towards sustainable socio-economic development

Core Objectives:

i.   provide strategic leadership and strategic corporate services;
ii.  develop and promote the tourism sector to contribute to the economic growth of the country;
iii. promote and conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Kingdom;
iv. protect, conserve, restore and enhance the environment;
v.  safeguard and develop the forestry sector for the benefit of the Swazi nation; and vi.observe weather and climate and monitor climate change in order to provide consistent   and reliable data information.


Hon. Moses Vilakati

Principal Secretary

Mr. Emmanuel Dlamini
Phone: 2404-6162
Under Secretary
Mr. John Hlophe
Phone: 2404-7575



Tourism & Wildlife

To create an enabling environment for tourism and support tourism development through the formulation of policies, legislations and .....

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Take the overall lead in the maintenance of a coherent and contemporary forest policy and legal framework, with due consideration ...

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Department of Metorology

To collect weather and climate (meteorological) data. To issue forecasts To provide advisory for monitoring meteorological systems

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