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To provide specialist legal service to the Government in respect of rights in land.


To convey rights in land in respect of transactions involving the Government, His Majesty the King and Ingwenyama in trust for the Swazi Nation by preparing deeds and documents for execution and/or registration in the Deeds Registry.


  • Conducting research in the Deeds Registry to get information about property being dealt with in each transaction, in particular, its owner and holding title deed;
  • Obtaining documents in support of each transaction, including diagrams upon which the property being dealt with is represented, from the office of the Surveyor General, Rates Clearance Certificates and Certificate of Payment of Dues from local authorities;
  • Advising client Ministries on agreements relating to land, for instance, Deeds of Sale, Deeds of Donation, Deeds of Exchange;
  • Preparing deeds and documents for execution and /or registration in the Deeds Registry, including Powers of Attorney to Pass Transfer, Deeds of Donation, Deeds of Exchange, Applications for certified copies of lost title deeds, Applications for Certificates of Registered Title, Applications for Certificates of Consolidated Title, Certificates of Registered Title, Certificates of Consolidated Title, Deeds of Transfer;
  • Arranging for signature of deeds, documents and applications by client Ministers;
  • Lodging deeds, documents and applications for execution and registration in the Deeds Registry;
  • Attending to notes raised by Examiners of Deeds in respect of transaction lodged;
  • Appearing before the Registrar of Deeds to execute Deeds of Transfer;
  • Accepting delivery of registered deeds;
  • Keep custody of all title deeds registered in favour of Government, His Majesty the King and Ingwenyama in trust for the Swazi Nation.
Directorate: Ms. Gabsile Mabuza
Postal Address: P.O. Box 57
Physical Address:

Income Building
Tax Mhlambanyatsi Road
Third Floor


Telephone: +268 2404 8836 / 2404 6244
Email Address:
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