The Ministry of Home Affairs Refugee Section in executing its mandate of guaranteeing the protection and assistance of asylum seekers and refugees, acting together with its partner United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and it’s a implementing partner Caritas Swaziland ensures the provision of the following:

-          Legal Protection

-          Education

-          Health

-          Counseling

-          Shelter

-          Food Assistance

-          Income generating opportunities

-          Skills Training

Legal Protection

The refugee section carries out individual refugee registration to enhance their legal protection.


Refugee children are assisted to enroll with local schools as a means of promoting local integration . Refugee parents are encouraged to contribute meaningfully towards the education of their children with UNHCR providing funding to assist with the remainer of the fees.


The on-site clinic at Malindza Refugee Reception Centre is a primary health care facility attending to the health needs of refugees and the local community .Illnesses requiring secondary health care facilities (e.g. Good Shepherd Hospital) which is 22 kilometres from the centre.


The staff at the Refugee Section (both Headquaters and Malindza) offer counseling services to the refugees in need, given the inherent traumatic effect of refugee flight and also provide psychological support.


New arrivals are accommodated at Malindza Reception Center where they are provided with household items which include blankets etc.

Food Assistance

New arrivals receive food prepared in the center’s communal kitchen .Beneficiaries include asylum seekers and those with special needs such as sick elderly , physically and mentally challenged and other vunerable groups which include children who are below 18 years of age.

Income generating opportunities

Swaziland provides a perfect environment for refugees to realize their potential and utilize their skills and talents.Many refugees are gainfully employed in Swaziland as doctors , teachers and engineers to mention a few. Malindza based refugees take advantage of the Vast tract of arable land and irrigation water to produce a variety of crops for both subsistence and semi-commercial purposes.

Skills training

The government of Swaziland together with the UNHCR and it’s partners encourage and provide financial assistance to refugees to acquire skills through vocational training so as to empower them to enter the open market.

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