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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How is the department structured?

A1: The department has two main pillars:

  • Application
  • Development
  • Maintenance

A2. Facilities

  • Security
  • Networking
  • Database Administration
  • Internet Services
  • Operation
  • Help Desk
  • Key punching

Q: What are the entry requirements for the various functions?

  • Programmer / Analyst: A Diploma or BSC in (Computer Science or Management Information System from recognized institutions, skill/experience in ADABAS/ Natural, or Visual Basic will be an added advantage;
  • Network Engineer: By promotion within the cadre or a degree in Computer Science, or Electronic engineering, training in MCSE, N+ or A+, or Network security will be an added advantage;
  • Software Engineer: By promotion within the Cadre or have a Bsc in Computer Science plus programming skills and experience in ADABAS / Natural;
  • Internet Engineer: By promotion with the cadre or a degree in Computer Science, or Electronic engineering, training in MCSE, N+ or A+, or Internet security will be an added advantage;
  • Computer Operator: A Diploma in computer related studies from a recognized institution;
  • Help Desk: A Diploma in computer related studies from a recognized institution;
  • Key Punch Operator: Secretariat certificate with a minimum of 50 words per minute;

Q: How do I become a prospective supplier of Information and Communication Services to the department?

A: You must have:

  • The capacity/ skills/experience/resources in your specific business area;
  • The infrastructure must be in place; and be
  • Knowledgeable in your business area;

Q: What is the recruitment process?

A. Vacancy advertised in the local media, Application Forms picked by qualifying applicant's from Civil Service Commission (CSC), Forms filled by applicant's and returned to CSC, Forms checked by CSC if basic entry requirements are met, Application forms meeting basic entry requirements forwarded to the department by CSC, Applicant's invited to sit a written/oral aptitude test, recommendation forwarded to CSC, Applicant's invited for an interview by CSC, 1st offer of employment forwarded to Applicant's Acceptance/decline response from applicant's forwarded to CSC,Final offer forwarded to Applicant's by CSC, Acceptance by applicant's, appointment letter by CSC.

Note: To avoid any inconveniency/disappointment when seeking employment, it is advisable to only respond to a vacancy advert, than to unilaterally submit your CV to department, because the above process/method is strictly adhered too

Q. Why do Government Ministries have to get authority from the Department to purchase IT equipment ?

A. To ensure standardization/ compatibility is maintained through out Government.

Q. Why is the attrition rate so high in the Department?

A. There is high demand for Information and Technology skills in the market and government cannot remunerate at market related salaries.

Q. How does one get to supply government with computer related services?

A. Through government tenders and quotations

The Swaziland Computer department is under the ministry of Information, Communication and Technology.

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