Wednesday April 25, 2018

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Mission Abroad

 The Chancery's Countries of Accreditation:


Malaysia; Brunei Darussalam; Japan; Thailand; Indonesia; Philippines; South Korea.

Bangladesh; India; Sri Lanka; Pakistan

Australia; Tonga Kingdom and New Zealand

Swaziland 's Bilateral Relations and Projects in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Kingdom of Swaziland enjoys tremendous political and economic Goodwill in this Region. This is evidenced by the on-going and current qualitative projects that mark Swaziland's bilateral relations with the above friendly countries. It may also be asserted for further foreign policy considerations and diplomatic analysis that such bilateral relations and projects are taking place in the aftermath and precautious policy views resulting from the global economic crisis.

 Administration - The Mission remain dedicated at handling its regional mandate to safeguard the Kingdom's National interests. Encouraging is the positive build-up of the Kingdom's healthy bilateral relations and the on-going projects and cooperation in Swaziland. However,  much remains to be done and Government's support remain essential to this Mission. Stakes remain high during these years of global economic crisis and its effect in the SADC Region and beyond.



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