11TH MAY, 2016.

      Chairperson of the Board of Directors,
      Deputy Chairperson,
      Board Members,
      Principal Secretary,
      SERA Management and Staff,
      Ministry Officials.

•    It is a great privilege for me to get this short yet very important opportunity to meet, welcome and give my blessings to the SERA Board of Directors.

•    As Board of Directors you form the focal point of Corporate Governance and you should, at all times, act in the best interest of SERA not forgetting that your responsibilities extend beyond SERA to Government and the Nation at large.

•    Hence I challenge you to a transparent and credible regulatory oversight of the electricity sector in line with the SERA mandate which is derived from the Electricity Act, 2007 and Energy Regulatory, Act, 2007.

•    The road ahead is exciting but not without challenges. I am sure you have already realized that there is a lot of expectation that the electricity industry has from you.  

•    Swaziland is currently a net importer of electricity and to attain Vision 2022, of the first world status, Government is looking up to SERA to put in place prudent regulatory mechanisms to develop the electricity sector. In particular, the regulatory mechanisms should accelerate Independent Power Producers’ participation in the local generation of electricity.

•    I am proud though that SERA has already licensed Independent Power Producers, one of which is already generating electricity from solar at Siteki.

•    Swaziland should reach the stage of meeting her own electricity demand and exporting the excess to the region which also currently has a deficit in electricity supply.

•    While electricity producers expect a fair return for their investments, consumers are looking for access to electricity, reliable quality of supply and services at competitive prices. The Regulator’s role therefore is to work towards balancing these respective needs.

•    It is encouraging to know that SERA has a Strategic Plan in place and has developed some of the key regulatory instruments such as the tariff methodology, Grid Code, and Licensing By-Laws which give clear guidelines and technical standards critical for the development of the electricity sector. The Ministry is also finalizing the Independent Power Producer Policy which will ensure that there are clear guidelines for Independent Power Producers.

•    The programmes that SERA is currently embarking on such as the consumer awareness programme and technical compliance audits will also go a long way in enhancing the regulatory framework and standards for the electricity sector.   

•    I appreciate that SERA is a member of the Regional Energy Regulators Association (RERA) and is actively participating in the RERA programmes. Regional cooperation including forums with the regional regulators will without any doubt enhance SERA’s regulatory capacity and ensure best practice in the regulation of the sector.

•    And on that note, I am proud for SERA for successfully hosting the RERA AGM and Conference for the first time in 2015, which was well organized with pertinent topics discussed and professionalism was displayed in all the conference activities including the exhibitions.  

•    Last, Ladies and Gentlemen; I have confidence that with your diverse skills and experiences you will work with integrity to drive SERA to the right direction in order for the Organization to meaningfully impact on the development of the Swaziland electricity sector. The Ministry pledges to support the Organization at all times.

•    And I congratulate you for being part of the SERA family.

Thank you.

The Board Members are as follows:-

1. Mr. Clinton Simelane          :       Chairperson,
2. Mr.     Thabiso Masina        :       Deputy Chairperson,      
3. Mr. Felix Gamedze              :      Member,
4. Mrs.  Rejoice Ndzinisa        :      Member,
5. Mrs. Dumisile Magagula     :      Ministry of Finance Representative
6. Mrs Thabile Nkosi                :      Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Representative

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