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ABOVE: The Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini flanked by Menzi Dlamini (2nd L) with other community leaders during the Minister’s tour on Nkhaba Constituency’s roads infrastructure, on 5th April 2017. 

The Minister of Public Works and Transport Pastor Lindiwe Dlamini, was in the company of newly elected Member of Parliament for Nkhaba Constituency Menzi Dlamini, on Wednesday, 5th April 2017 toured Nkhaba Constituency’s road infrastructure. The tour was part of the Minister’s ongoing visits to community level roads infrastructure, whereby she and Senior Officials from the Roads Department get first-hand experience of the road infrastructure at constituency level.

During the tour was shown a number of dilapidated gravel roads that urgently needed rehabilitation. Dlamini highlighted that part of the Ministry’s mandate is to upgrade, construct and maintain the national road network that will stimulate economic development in the rural areas.

The tour began at Mantjolo-Hawane road. It is worth noting that  Nkomati, Kufikeni, Luvinjelweni, Mnyokane-Mbuluzi via Jubukweni communal roads where most of the roads need regravelling and low-level bridges that links the community to major institutions including schools, clinics and churches. The Minister further put emphasis on the many challenges the Ministry is facing, as far as road maintenance is concerned.

Dlamini also acknowledged the Member of Parliament for being in the forefront during the budget debates, in which it had to go for review, as a result the Ministry will be able to utilize the budget that they have been allocated effectively and efficiently for the development of the national roads network, and the improvement of the roads will improve the flow of traffic to and from communities and other supporting road networks.  

Dlamini further highlighted that the development of communities is a a catalyst in job creation and training of unskilled people from the local communities these projects highlights the commitment in investing in people and will contribute to the Ministry’s vision to be a world leader in the establishment of road infrastructure and transport systems.



The Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini delivering her address at the Official Opening of the Forum for Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs) at Royal Swazi Spa Convention Centre, 22nd MArch 2017.

Ministers (L-R) Minister for Tourism Christopher Gamedze, Hon. Owen Nxumalo (Public Service) and David Cruiser Ngcamphalala (Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs) listenig attentively to speeches during thee Ministerial Session on RSOOs at Royal Swazi Spa Convention Centre, eZulwini.


The Acting Prime Minister Hon. Paul Dlamini having a group photo of dignitaries from Regional Safety Oversign Organizations (RSOOs), ICAO, European Commission Aviation Safety during the Forum on Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOOs) on Global Safety held at Royal Swazi Spa Convention Centre, 24th March2017.

The Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini speaking in the official opening of Regional Safety Oversight Organization (RSOOs) Conference commended EASA for lifting the ban on Swazi registered aircrafts in 2013, and the strides made by SWACAA in aviation safety are noteworthy. She was delivering her address at Royal Swazi Convention Centre, on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017.

Dlamini acknowledged that Swaziland through SWACAA has managed to simultaneously attain ISO certification in three standards; namely:

  1. ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  2. IS 14001 – Environmental Management System
  3. OSHAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety System

“In the area of oversight, the Kingdom has prudently ensured that national aviation laws are strictly adhered to by both airline and airport operators,” she said. Dlamini further admitted that no Air Operator Certificate has been issued yet, for airlines to operate at King Mswati III International Airport due to airlines not fulfilling the requirements of our legislation.

The Minister highlighted that a surveillance program of the aviation industry has been developed to ensure that industry players who are certified will continually adhere to the certification conditions and requirements for safety and security concerns, strict laws will further contribute to a safe and secure air transportation system.

One of the great opportunities in the conference among RSOOs was standardization and harmonization in rules, regulations, procedures and practices, and to review forms of cooperative State safety oversight mechanisms and accountability and sovereignty between member states and RSOOs.

Download Documents:

Click here to download Speech by the Honourable Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini Official Opening of RSOOs Conference at Royal Swazi Convention Centre, 22nd March 2017

Click here to download Speech by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Swaziland, Dr. Barnabas Dlamini in His Opening Address of the Ministerial Session of RSOOs Conference at Royal Swazi Convention Centre, 24th March 2017



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An ariel view of Matsapha Dry Port proposed expansion phases (Phase 1, 2 & 3) which will ease business and economic activity in Swaziland

 ABOVE: Storage containers in a train awaiting offloading and de-sfaffing of containers at the dry port, Matsapha. RIGHT:  Swaziland Revenue Authority (Customs) officials registering incoming containers for monitoring of commodities, at Matsapha Inland Container Dry Port.  

 The Ministry of Public Works and Transport, on Friday 13th January 2016 toured Swaziland Railways’ Inland Container Dry Port (ICD) which is the only port of entry and point of departure for containers via rail from South Africa and Maputo ports, and which is linked to the worlds’ international ports. SR’s Director of Engineering Dlamini, was in the company of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport planning officials with central agencies responsible for planning and budgeting including Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning & Development.

The proposed expansion of ICD is subdivided into three phases to bring the ICD into a self-sufficient Dry-Port fulfilling all the functions of a Dry-Port. The feasibility study for the project is underway and is earmarked to be completed in March 2017.  

The phases are as follows;

  • Phase 1 (current space used) currently occupies 26, 335 square metres (50% covered in concrete for the safe movement of the Reach Stackers)
  • Phase 2 occupies 7772 square metres
  • Phase 3 occupies 33509 square metres which is currently occupied by Central Transport Administration (CTA)

There’s an array of opportunities that can positively impact the economy of the country and the business environment. The opportunities include; growing businesses as there’ll be more cargo being transported to and from the ICD, and further migrating cargo from road transportation to rail, and that will ease business to business transaction. Therefore, promoting trade in Swaziland and contributing significantly in strategic areas for imports and exports.

There’ll also be limited delays due to easy customs clearing of goods and shorter train transit times; as a result the organization will be fully sufficient and efficient. The expansion will also contribute considerably to economic growth, job creation, skills development, growth and sustainability of the engineering sector to create a greater economic sustainable environment. 

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The Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini, flanked by new SWACAA Board of Directors during a Media Briefing at the Ministry's Headquarters, Mbabane. 

The Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini, on the 9th November 2016, named the new directors on the board of SWACAA (Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority), at the Ministry’s headquarters. The Minister named a 7 member board, whereby two representatives from The Swazi Nation Land will be revealed on a later date.

Dlamini during her speech urged the new directors to perform their duties with utmost diligence. “While welcoming the new board, I thank the outgoing board for its work and generally a job well done,” she said. The performance of the outgoing board has been an excellent one, considering that they were appointed on December 9th 2009 when The Civil Aviation Authority Act No.10 came into place.

The Minister in her submission explained in detail SWACAA’s origin and its role in the broader economy of the country. Dlamini explained that SWACAA is committed to ensuring compliance with ICAO standards and recommended practice. SWACAA’s mammoth tasks are regulating the civil aviation authority industry in the Swaziland and further operate the country’s two airports, namely; King Mswati III International Airport and Matsapha Airport. Dlamini further added that SWACAA has the responsibility to maintain a qualified, cost sensitive and motivated staff.  

The Board members are as follows; President Dlamini (Chairperson), Thandeka Dlamini, Nokwazi Mhlanga-Mathebela, Joseph Waring, Nokuthula Dlamini, Douglas Litchfield, and Solomon Dube (Director-General SWACAA).

Download documents;

Click here to read speech by the Hon. Minister for Public Works and Transport Ps. Lindiwe Dlamini, on the occasion of announcing the new board of directors for SWACAA on the 9th November 2016.

Click here to read the qualifications, and reason for selection of the new board of directors of SWACAA, 9th November 2016. 

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