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The Ministry of Home Affairs in the Kingdom of Eswatini is custodian, protector and verifier of the identity and status of citizens and other persons resident in the Kingdom.This makes it possible for people to realize their rights and access benefits and opportunities in both the public and private domains.  It should also be noted that the Ministry controls, regulates and facilitates immigration and the movement of persons through the Kingdom’s  formal ports of entry.  Currently government is working towards achieving the provision of civics and immigration services at foreign missions; and determines the status of asylum seekers and refugees in accordance with international obligations.  While in the quest of achieving the above, the Ministry  is making a significant contribution to ensuring national security, enabling economic development and promoting good international relations.


The Ministry of Home Affairs is committed at upholding National Security and Identity of Citizens, as well as providing an effective delivery of service to its clientele.


The Mission of the Ministry of Home Affairs is to provide quality service pertaining to Immigration, Citizenship, Public Holidays, Refugees, National Celebrations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths and lastly assigning of Personal Identity Numbers as well as issuance of National Identity Cards.


The Ministry is committed to serve the nation, be patriotric professional and having integrity while working towards the elimination of corruption within its various centres nation-wide.

Such shall be fulfilled by executing:
a) Professionalism
              - Excellence in our work behaviour and performance.
              - Appropriate dress code.
              - Maintain high standards in delivering services without fear or favour.
              - Preparedness and willingness to serve.
              - Objectivity, not Biased.
              - Efficient and effective use of resources.
b) Effective Communication
               - Sharing information and knowledge internally and with all clients.
               - Maintaining a vibrant 360 degrees’ feedback loop in information and data sharing.
               - Be known for high quality service through the provision of knowledge and information.
               - Provide mobile tracking service on the government mobile platform.
c) Team work
              - Ability to participate together in the improvement of service delivery.
              - Provide support to colleagues and management in executing tasks and producing results on behalf of the team.
              - Respecting and abiding by team decisions and actions once decisions are made,regardless of one’s initial stance.
d) Confidentiality
              - Ability to keep private information to oneself for the benefit of the client and ministry.
              - Trustworthy with ministry secrets and private information or data.
              - Dependable to protect organization’s business operations and product knowledge.

•    To develop policies and legislation pertaining to immigration, citizenship, refugees, civil registration

 •    To provide policy and executive direction and common support services
•    To support the development and implementation of departmental policies

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