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The Mandate of the Department of Community Development is to facilitate and support community-based socio-economic initiatives through community empowerment techniques involving: community mobilisation, community participation in poverty alleviation initiative and programmes, skills development for the creation of sustainable development and collaborative mechanisms in order to enhance self-reliance. in pursuance of the main goal of the department is strengthening community capacities to engage in poverty alleviation initiatives for self-reliance and sustainable development.


  • Stimulate self-confidence and determination to challenge the limitations and constraints which characterize the daily lives in communities,
  • Enhance community capacities in order to break the poverty cycle and dependency syndrome,
  • Develop community profiles that will assist communities to formulate and prioritize their development needs,
  • Ensure that development is coordinated and sustainable,
  • Encourage community participation and empowerment,
  • Raise community awareness on all cross-cutting/multi-sectoral issues affecting communities such as HIV/AIDS, OVC’s, Disaster mitigation and other pandemics and emergencies.
  • Promote and support efficient disbursement of development funds and donor support to communities with planning, implementing and appraising project proposals,
  • Coordinating and facilitating an integrated approach of all developmental programmes, projects, activities and other initiatives by development Agencies, Government Departments and Non-Governmental organizations at regional, sub–regional, Tinkhundla and Chiefdom Levels,
  • Support the implementation of the decentralization policy by facilitating community ownership of development initiatives, ensuring that projects are people-driven and communities are empowered to take decisions that will drive them towards social and economic stability.

The activities of the department are catagorised in 5 programme areas namely:

  1. Community Mobilisation which results to identification of pipeline projects
  2. Training/Group Capacity Building
  3. Project Monitoring of Regional Development Fund and Tinkhundla Empowerment Fund Projects implementation. To list those projects that are ongoing, completed and identify as well as address challenges that hinder implementation
  4. Women in Development (Skills Development) Programme
  5. Community Development Radio Programme

Principal Community Development Officer: Majahodvwa Nkonde
Tel:  2404 2870
Cell:7617 5070

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