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Programme Director
Bobabe Tikhulu
Regional Administrator
Honourable Portfolio Committee Members of Both Houses of Parliament
Honourable Member of Parliament for Hlane, Ndzingeni, Mhlangatane, Mayiwane, and Timphisini Tinkhundla
Tindvuna Tetinkhundla
Holiness Union Church Water Committee
Community Based Water and Sanitation Committee Members
Recipient Communities from all the aforementioned Tinkhundla
Members of the Media
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen

I feel greatly honoured to have been invited to this important occasion wherein I am here to receive nine (9) completed rural water supply schemes from the Holiness Union Church on behalf of His Majesty’s Government situated under Hlane, Mayiwane, Ndzingeni, Mhlangatane and Timphisini Tinkhundla. I am delighted to receive the water supply schemes and hand over to the beneficiary communities. This support would not have come at a better time than now wherein the country is affected by the prevailing drought.
His Majesty’s Government declared drought as a national disaster in February, 2015 and further urged development partners, business community, churches and individuals at large to support the country to mitigate the prevailing drought.   

The Ministry is grateful to the Holiness Union Church in responding to Government’s call to provide the rural communities with safe drinking water. I am reliably informed that these schemes will benefit a total of approximately 1000 homesteads, schools and churches in the aforementioned Tinkhundla. The borehole water supply sources have sufficient water that benefits both the churches and homesteads neighbouring the churches.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

His Majesty’s Government has made the provision of clean water to all by 2022 one of her priorities as clearly articulated in the National Development Strategy (NDS) and His Majesty’s vision of attaining First World Status. This is in line with the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nations.  Goal number 6.1, of the SDGs, states, “by 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all”,   and my Ministry is desirous to achieve this goal within the stipulated time horizon. To achieve this goal the Ministry drafted a strategic plan (2014-2018) and committed to construct four (4) reticulated water supply schemes in the country every and further drill two hundred boreholes for the rural communities.

To track progress made in these strategic initiatives, the Ministry in collaboration with the WASH partners such as WaterAid and UNICEF has since engaged in a number of programmes that include; the Water and Sanitation Joint Sector Review meeting that seeks to review progress made by the sector by engaging all sector stakeholders. The outcome from the Water & Sanitation Joint Sector Review meeting highlighted milestones, challenges and recommendations to improve the sector. To increase water supply sources in the country, His Majesty’s Government has since received a grant from the African Development Bank to conduct a feasibility study of the Nondvo Dam that is aimed to service the Mbabane and Ezulwini corridor.  

This initiative has significantly contributed to the reduction of the rural population without access to safe drinking water that will further reduce water related diseases in the targeted communities. These projects will benefit an estimated total of 1000 homesteads from five different Tinkhundla of the country. The benefitting homesteads are from Chibini, Khuphuka, Siphambanweni, Ngululu, Ekujabuleni, Ntsinini, Ka Ndlovu,Nhlambeni, Ka Bheni and Herefords. My sincere appreciation is profoundly extended to the Holiness Union Church, the recipient communities and my Ministry for this significant contribution towards the desired goals.

In addition to this, I have learnt with jubilation that the beneficiaries from the above mentioned homesteads have meaningfully contributed a total of over twenty thousand Emalangeni (E20, 000.00) towards the running, operation and maintenance of these important schemes. This positive contribution is a clear demonstration of the commitment and ownership of these projects by the beneficiaries. However, for its sustainability, I wish to encourage that you continue with the contributions towards the maintenance of these schemes.

The successful completion of these schemes through community participation is yet another testimony that you are committed towards the sustainability of these water supply schemes. Having said that; I would like to strongly urge the communities to use the acquired skills through the training afforded by my Ministry and the Church to manage these water supply schemes effectively and efficiently. In the event you encounter any maintenance problems pertaining to these schemes that you cannot deal with please do not hesitate to call the Ministry for assistance. I further implore you to cooperate with the main Church Water Committee whenever your participation is required.  This is the only way the schemes can last longer.

I would like to cordially extend my sincere appreciation to the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) partners which includes amongst others; UNICEF, World Vision, The Thirst Project, WaterAid and other Government Ministries who also immensely contributed towards the Ministry’s defined mandate in the water sector, that of ensuring the provision of potable water to our rural communities.

I am happy to learn that the benefiting communities have formed Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Committees that will manage these schemes at local level. It is also pleasing to learn that you have also managed to achieve 100% sanitation coverage with the Ministry of Health’s able assistance and good guidance.
In conclusion, I would like to thank all those who were part of the preparations for this successful occasion and those who participated in all magnificent entertainment activities that we have witnessed.

With these few remarks, it is my honour and pleasure to declare the aforementioned rural water supply schemes officially opened.

May God Bless You All.

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