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Minister of Information, Communications and Technology, Senator Winnie K. Magagula has urged management and staff at Swazi TV to ensure that programs have content that is fresh and interesting to increase viewership, during her visit on February 1, 2012, which coincided with the station’s 34th birthday. The station was officiall opened on February 1, 1978.

Chief Executive Officer of STVA, Bongani Dlamini explained that sometimes there was misconception around STVA's mission. He said STVA was a broadcasting station not a cinema, and it was important to differentiate between the two. He said content should be reflective of the station being a broadcaster. The CEO said various challenges the station faced had led to it being impacted negatively. He noted however that Swazi TV now had a strategic plan that would address these challenges.The Minister emphasized that STVA was a public broadcaster. She said content should be diverse in order to cater for all citizens, and that as a visual medium, the station faced a bigger challenge because pictures have a bigger impact. She noted that the television station was a window to the world and as such, persistent negative portrayal should be scrutizied. She noted that STVA should strive for self-sufficiency and to develop a sound turnaround strategy.

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