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 Minister of ICT Senator Winnie Magagula has reminded that MTN Swaziland is a surrogate child of SPTC; therefore there was no way the two entities would separate, during her familiarization tour of the Kingdom’s mobile telephone service provider on February 15, 2012. She emphasized that the close-knit relationship meant that the two needed to always seek for win-win solutions to prevailing problems. “I have to see to it that there is harmony between the two companies.”

The Minister also noted that communication was no longer a luxury, but had become a necessity to the public and business. During the guided tour, she also had the opportunity to assist a customer from the Call Centre. The Chief Technical Information Officer explained that a majority of the network problems were caused by unstable power supply, and added that even though network failures were experienced, it was easy to identify them because they were monitored around the clock.CEO, Ambrose Dlamini, stated that Swazi MTN was considering generating their own power in order to minimize down time. “This will cost us but it will ensure less inconvenience to the public,” he said. The CEO said despite the power challenges, Swazi MTN and the Swaziland Electricity Company had a very good working relationship

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