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The Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) will increase the efficiency of information flow throughout Government by providing a proper tracking system for files when it is piloted by the National Archives next year, according to Director Kholekile Mthethwa.It will also assist to improve communications solutions within the civil service, record movement of internal communication, and fully equip Registry offices with IT capacity.The National Archives fall under the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Technology. They have formally incorporated all Government registries under their watch and introduced formal training in order to phase in the new records culture. Principal Secretaries were sensitized about the new programme last year. Between August 22-24, 2012 other senior Government officials are expected to take part in another EDRMS workshop conducted by KQ Consultants. Several ministries were initially appraised of the manual system presently in use, to re-confirm the general aptitude among civil servants. “Government produces historic and evidence-based documents which tend to be highly valuable for present and future use.” Already, the exercise has revealed that some departments do not have registries and many do not have access to IT tools, especially for record-keeping purposes.




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