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Senators had the opportunity to interrogate the Swaziland Electronic Communications Bill, 2010 and the Swaziland Communications Commission Bill, 2010 at a workshop hosted by the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology at the Royal Swazi Spa Convention Centre on Wednesday. In her welcoming remarks, the Minister of Information, Communications and Technology, Senator Winnie Magagula noted that the Bills were of vital importance and significant value in the development of the communications sector and socio economic development of Swaziland. “I kindly request you to give yourselves a forward look at these two Bills with a view to pass them into law so that we can give the country the essential life blood it clearly needs to economic recovery through ICT,” she said.

From Left to Right Senators Moi Moi Masilela, Victor Malambe and Kephu Cindzi

The Ministry’s Legal Advisor, Bongiwe Dlamini made a presentation on the Swaziland Communications Bill, 2010 and thereafter answered questions from Senators. Senator Kephu Cindzi wanted to know if members of the security forces would form part of the Regulatory Authority for purposes of clamping down on illegal communications. The Legal Advisor explained that the proper Bill that would deal with that issue was the Interception of Communications Bill, which was still at drafting stage. She clarified that the Swaziland Communications Commission Bill sought to establish the Swaziland Communications Commission, which will regulate and supervise the operation of electronic communications networks and the provision of electronic communications services in the country. The Minister also explained that the Commission would be a Category A enterprise, which means government had an expectation that at some point it would break even in its operations and pay a dividend to government. The Communications Director, Mandla Motsa also made a comprehensive presentation of the Swaziland Electronic Communications Bill, 2010 which the Senators proceeded to interrogate.

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