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The Research, Science, Technology and Innovations Department was represented by the Acting Director Mr. Moses Zungu at the IST –Africa eChallenges Workshop which was held in Lisbon, Portugal between October 16-19, 2012.                              

The IST- Africa Initiative is a strategic collaboration between the European Union and 19 African partners (15 Ministries and 4 National Councils) responsible for ICT and Science, Technology and Innovation adoption, Policy and Research. It is supported by the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC) and co-funded under Framework Programme 7 (FP7). IST- Africa has a successful track record of supporting capacity building and international research cooperation, securing co-funding for research and implementation projects and promoting international awareness of the research capacity that exists across Africa.

The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of ICT related research capacity in IST-Africa partner countries and to link European and African researchers. It also provided a context for the current state of development in each IST-Africa Partner Country.

All member-countries made country presentations during the workshops. Zungu further noted that the most important benefit for attending was the opportunity to get to know how other African Countries are positioning themselves to gain from the results of research and participation in knowledge creation.

IST Africa is currently funding research projects in partner countries. For more information on calls for papers download www.IST-Africa.org .


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