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The COMESA Secretariat has called upon media professionals to join for the 2013 Media Awards. The awards are in the fields of Print, Radio, and Television Journalism. The entries should be works that were published/broadcast between by a recognized media institution in any of the COMESA Member States.


The media awards were first launched during the 13th Summit of the COMESA Authority of Heads of State and Governments, and have over the years been seen as an annual event that seeks to enhance professional reporting on COMESA activities in particular with development and regional integration in general. The inaugural winners were recognized and rewarded at the 13th Summit in Zimbabwe. Since then winners have been presented every year at summits in Swaziland, Malawi and Uganda.



Aspiring journalists are encouraged to submit their entries to the Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology (Information and Media Directorate) not later than 14th June, 2013. Winners will be announced during the 17th Summit and for more information on guidelines and rules are available on www.comesa.int .


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