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 The Minister of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Winnie Magagula, hosted the Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan, His Excellency Ambassador Peter Tsai, and Members of the Diplomatic Corps on a site visit of the Biotechnology Park on Wednesday, August 14, 2013.

The Republic of China on Taiwan has been a great supporter of His Majesty King Mswati III’s dream of establishing a Biotechnology Park in Swaziland. The Taiwanese Government has provided the financial assistance for the development of initial infrastructure in Lot 1 of the project. Ambassador Tsai, in his capacity as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, invited all the Members of the Diplomatic Corps to visit the site at Nokwane. The Minister expressed her appreciation that the members of the Diplomatic Corps took time off their busy schedules to come to the park and see for themselves what Swaziland was trying to achieve. “The ministry’s objective is to provide an enabling environment for research and economic development through the knowledge economy,” she said. Special envoys from Malta, South Africa, and Mozambique are some of those that attended.

Project Manager  Moses Zungu gives a guided tour to ICT Minister  Winnie Magagula (3rd right)  and invited guests.

 The Project Manager, Moses Zungu, in his presentation on the land use plan, elaborated on the future development of the project. He also introduced the proposed schedule for Lot 2. Zungu mentioned that the park would also be registered with the International Organization for Biotechnology Parks. He further disclosed that a solar power station within the site would be erected in order to allow for energy efficiency.




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