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The Ministry of ICT’s innovative “Sikanyekanye” multimedia exhibition display drew huge crowds during “Family Fun Day” at the 2013 Swaziland International Trade Fair on Monday. Ordinary Swazis were encouraged to cocenptualize local television content and were shown how these programmes were produced.  Throngs of parents were invited to bring their children to the ICT pavilion where they enjoyed traditional story-telling (Tinganekwane) by Gogo Shongwe, a well known-radio personality. It was a trip down memory lane for the parents when the granny’s would gather the children every night around the fireplace and narrate fairy tales to them before they went to bed.




The children showed a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to hear more of the stories as granny concluded with the traditional response, “coyi- coyi’ and the children were told to come back after lunch for a “Chakijane” tale.  Outside the main entrance to the ICT pavilion (#2) a character in a dairy cow costume welcomed the bemused children. To show the connection between the stage narration and television broadcasting, Swazi-TV caught the action with their video cameras and projected the activity on large screens as the show proceeded.

 The children who could not hide their joy and amusement were later given balloons which were designed using the country brand “Africa’s New Promise”.


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