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The Minister of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Winnie Magagula has introduced Members of the Swaziland Communications Commission and the Board Members of the Royal Science Technology Park to the public in a Press Conference held at the Ministry of ICT on September 9, 2013. Minister Magagula noted that the Commission is the first of its kind in Swaziland, adding that the public has great expectations that the Board would have to meet. The Members of the Swaziland Communications Commissions are as follows;      

  1. Ms. Thulisile Dladla - Chairperson
  2. Mr. Joseph Waring - Member
  3. Mr. Mfanzile Dlamini - Member
  4. Mr. Gideon Mahlalela- Member
  5. Mr. Sipho Vilakati - Member
  6. Principal Secretary in Ministry of Finance or his nominee
  7. Mr. Mandla Stan Motsa- Acting CEO 

One of the functions of the Board will be to regulate and supervise the operation of electronic communications networks and the provision of electronic communications services in Swaziland, including the regulation of data protection in electronic communications.     

                                                                                                                      L-R Joseph Waring, Mfanzile Dlamini, Gideon Mahlalela, ICT Minister Winnie Magagula, Thuli Dladla, Mandla Motsa and Sipho Vilakati


 She further congratulated the Royal Science Technology Park (RSTP) Board members and stated that in order for Swaziland to achieve first world status; Government had found it important to establish institutions that promote technology. The Board Members of the RSTP are as follows;


1. Dr. Aron Musa Dube
2. Dr. Velephi  Okello
3. Dr. Cebisile  Mathunjwa
4. Mr. Ndumiso Ngozo
5. Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Finance or his nominee
6. Principal Secretary in the Ministry of ICT


L-R Ndumiso Ngozo, Bonginkhosi Magagula, Sikelela Dlamini, ICT Minister Winnie Magagula, Dr. Aaron Dube, Dr. Velephi Okello and Dr. Cebsile Mathunjwa


The RSTP Board will promote public awareness and scientific culture and create an atmosphere conducive to scientific activities; ensure the setting up of new research institutes, research establishments and technical services; as well as promote and encourage national scientific organizations in the Kingdom of Swaziland and maintain relationships with corresponding scientific organizations in other countries; among other duties. The Minister noted that government had shown confidence in the abilities and qualifications all the Board Members and stated that she hoped they would execute their mandate in full.

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