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• Provide concise up to date political briefs on any country for the Head of State whenever Diplomatic Envoys are to present letters of credence and on any political situation that may have impact on the Kingdom of eSwatini    
• Issuance of visas
• Processing of registration of diplomatic vehicles
• Provision of VIP services, including use of VIP Lounge
• Repatriation of eSwatini destitutes from abroad
• Facilitation of requests for burial authourity for foreign nationals
• State Protocol
• Assistance in evacuation planning of eSwatini citizens abroad in cases of political turmoil, natural or manmade disasters. The nature of the event (e.g. a nuclear disaster) and considerations of safety could influence the ability to respond. (Note that evacuation from a location abroad is not a right that can be claimed from the State);
• In the event of an emergency, communicate on behalf of eMaswati citizens abroad with family and/or friends in eSwatini;
• Provide non-financial assistance for repatriation and urgently needed medical or professional attention;
• Liaise with the local authorities to search for missing persons and/or determine the whereabouts of eSwatini citizens abroad;
• Provide support services and advice in cases of hostage taking, kidnapping or abduction.
• Assist to replace lost, stolen, damaged or expired passports abroad (fees apply);
• Notify next of kin in the event of death or life threatening illness or injury of  eSwatini  citizen abroad.
• Provide non-financial assistance and advice regarding the disposal of mortal remains of Liswatii or eMaswati who died abroad;
• Provide assistance and guidance to foreign representatives regarding their nationals in the Kingdom of eSwatini;


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