Tender Reference 53 of 2022/2023

The Ministry of Information Communications & Technology now invites sealed Tenders for the provision of Framework contracts for the supply and delivery of Information Technology (IT) common use items

The Invitation to Tender document can be obtained at Ministry of ICT, Inter-ministerial Complex, Mbabane, ESWATINI for the price of E300 (three hundred Emalangeni), which against receipt should be paid at Mbabane Revenue Office (payment is non-refundable).

 In account 432 1601 04199

Tenders must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, which must be marked as follows:

“The Secretary to ESWATINI Government Tender Board”, Treasury Building, Mhlambanyatsi Road, MBABANE”

Further the envelope must be marked with following information: Ministry of Information Communication & Technology’, ‘Tender No. 53 of 2022/2023, Framework contracts for the supply and delivery of Information Technology (IT) common use items, LOT [lot number being tendered for]’’, IF NOT TENDER WILL BE REJECTED & RETURNED UNOPENNED. ‘Do not open before 09:00hrs on the 53 of 2021/2022

Tenders must be delivered to the offices of ESWATINI Government Tender Board, Treasury Building, Mhlambanyatsi Road, Mbabane, ESWATINI, before 09:00hrs on the 29th July 2022 and deposited in the Treasury Tender Box.

Tenders received in time by the latest date and time for submission will be opened at the Treasury Building at 09:00hrs on the 29th July 2022. Tenders not deposited in the Treasury Tender Box, as well as late, telegraphic, electronic and faxed tenders will not be considered. Tenderers may attend the opening procedure.

The documents specified in ‘’Instructions to Tenderers’’, includes:

  • A certified current copy of an official statement of the Directors, alternative directors, managers and auditors of the company (for ESWATINI firms: Form ‘J’);
  • A certified current copy of an official statement of the annual summary of shares capital and shares (for ESWATINI firms: Form ‘C’);
  • Certified copy of the Labour Compliant Certificate.
  • Original Police clearance certificate for all directors
  • Original GENERAL Receipt for payment for the Tender Document.
  • A certified copy of the relevant current Trading Licence.
  • An original of the current Tax Clearance Certificate for Government Tenders, (hand written version)
  • A certified copy of the current Labour Compliance Certificate,
  • A certified copy of relevant ENPF certificate of compliance,
  • VAT Certificate,
  • Manufacture verification,
  • The Tenderer shall furnish, as part of its Tender, a Tender Security for the equivalent of E30, 000.00 Emalangeni. Original Insurance Bond or Bank Guarantee Security Bond Letter.


Note: The tender is divided into four (4) different Lots and each company is allowed to bid for ONLY one Lot.

The Government does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.

For further information contact the following: Executive Secretary for E-Government at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Acting Director for Research and Innovation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The tender advertisement is also available at:





The Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) is appealing to all its employees including Departments and Parastatals to adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2001 and Section 29 of the Disaster Management Act 2006 as the magnitude and severity of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) has been declared a National Emergency in the Kingdom of Eswatini. For general work place health standards and with specific reference to the COVID-19, refer to information available from the World Health Organisation (WHO) website to guide workplaces readiness to prevent the spread of this virus.

The Ministry wishes to appeal to Departments and Parastatals who have not prepared for the pandemic to prepare themselves in advance for possibility of potential outbreak conditions.

WHO and Public Health authorities around the world are taking action to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. All sections of our society must play a role if we are to stop the spread of the Virus.

You are specifically requested to implement the following precautionary measures:

  • Instill preventative measures from work-related hazards and increasing ventilation in the work environment for employees.
  • Minimize contact among workers, clients and customers by replacing face-to-face meetings with virtual communication e.g. Skype, WhatsApp video call, conference calls etc.
  • Minimize the handling of cash by using speed points, mobile money or email platforms etc. and proving appropriate safety measures where cash handling cannot be avoided.
  • Minimize international travel and advise Directors, employees and contractors to consult the Ministry of Health as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before going on business trips.
  • Provide workers with up-to-date information and training on risk factors and training workers who need to use protective clothing. Training material should be easy to understand and available in the appropriate language for all workers.
  • Provide resources and work environment that promotes personal hygiene to ensure workplaces are clean and hygienic. Surfaces e.g. desks, tables, doors and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards) need to be wiped with disinfected regularly.
  • Promote regular and through hand-washing by employees, contractors and customers by placing “wash stops” on entry and exit points.
  • Encourage workers to report suspicious fever at the earliest instance for immediate screening and appropriate action.
  • Set up a committee to monitor application of agreed precautionary protocols and report to Senior Management at agreed short intervals.

In case of suspected exposure contact the nearest Health Center by calling 977.

Employees may contact the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology at 2405 4000 and ask for the Wellness Coordinator/member            

Royal Science & Technology Park (RSTP)                              2518 6386

Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM)              2406 7000

Eswatini Post & Telecommunications (EPTC)                        2405 2000

Eswatini Television Authority (ESTVA)                                   2411 9600



Mbabane, Eswatini  

Following His Majesty King Mswati III’s declaration of a National Emergency in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) has established an Emergency Preparedness Plan to counter the effects of the virus on services provided to the public by some of the Ministry’s Departments.

You are all aware that last Tuesday, The Right Honourable Prime Minister as commanded by His Majesty King Mswati III and Ingwenyama of Emaswati invoked section 29 of the Disaster Management Act 2006 having assessed the severity of the outbreak worldwide to declare a National Emergency in the Kingdom.

The following precautionary measures have been taken by the Ministry of ICT in some of the Departments:

  • Last Tuesday, The Principal Secretary and I had a fruitful meeting with Chief Executive Officers of Eswatini Television and Voice of the Church (VOC); The Directors of Channel YeMaswati and EBIS. We discussed ways in which information and updates could be broadcast timeously so that all citizens can get correct information to alleviate unnecessary confusion. We agreed that factual information will come from the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation who are at the forefront. The heads of these sections promised to filter down the information to the newsrooms and to have journalists on standby should there be breaking news.

The Ministry has also tasked the Wellness Team under the Public Sector HIV/AIDS Coordinating Committee (PSHACC) to monitor the situation.

Part of preparedness plan focuses on the following key areas:

  1. The Eswatini Broadcasting & Information Services (EBIS) which provides and interacts with the public and provides services i.e.
    1. Announcements from the public
    2. Public interviews in studios
    3. Marketing and advertising services

Masks, sanitizer liquids and gloves have been provided to EBIS staff as a means to minimize the potential spread of the virus. The reception, revenue office, newsroom and studio areas are continually sanitized, including the ablution facilities. Educative materials have been distributed and posted within our premises. A review and alignment process for the programming schedule have been effected, i.e. minimization of people at public gatherings. Sanitization facilities for the public are available at entry/exit points.

  1. Eswatini National Library Services (ENLS) – The Ministry hereby notifies Library users, that all 16 libraries country wide, including the Mobile Library that visits Communities and Tinkhundla for outreach services have been closed due to COVID -19 epidemic.

The only service being rendered to users is the online database (EBSCO). For further information on how to access the online database, users are encouraged to contact the following libraries:

 - Manzini Public Library: 25052125/8

- Mbabane Public Library: 24042633

Users who have library material with them are requested to keep them safe, until normal library operations resume.

  1. Eswatini National Archives (ENA) – The search room has since been closed for researchers, students and all group visits have been suspended until further notice due to the prevailing COVID – 19 pandemic.






























MARCH 30, 2020 - 14:00HRS



It has pleased the Minister for Information, Communications and Technology to appoint Board Members of the Eswatini Communications Commission (ESCCOM), a parastatal under the auspices of the Ministry in terms of the Public Enterprise (Control and Monitoring) Act of 1989.

I must point out that not all the Board members are new to this task. Mr. Themba Khumalo will retain his Chairmanship seat with Mr. Polycarp Dlamini Deputizing.

The other members are as follows:

  1. Mr. Mvilawemphi Dlamini
  2. Mrs. Bongiwe Dlamini
  3. Mr. Bheki Ndzinisa.

Mr. December Mavimbela and Mrs. Zodwa Ginindza have been replaced by:

  1. Mr. John Mathwasa
  2. Mr. Mlungisi Dlamini

Let me encourage the new Board members to acquaint themselves with the founding legislations of the Organisation they represent in order to know their specific mandate.

It is also incumbent upon ESCCOM to ensure that the Board members are taken through corporate governance workshops not forgetting to also avail the policies governing the institution to make their job easier.

As I conclude, may I wish the Board members well in their term of office with this nugget: by Pearl Zhu, “A tech-savvy Board sets a right tone for shaping the culture of innovation.” 


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