On the 20th September 2019, the Prime Minister His Excellency Mandvulo Dlamini graced the premises of the Ministry of Health. With assistance from the Honourable Minister for Health Lizzy Nkosi and the Principal Secretary Simon Zwane, the PM toured the Ministry’s Headquarters, Cooper Centre (where there are programmes offices for the Ministry) and Mbabane Government Hospital.

Meanwhile, the PM applauded the Minister and her team for the excellent work they are doing despite the fiscal challenges that the government is going through. ‘Health is a very complex sector and the work that the Minister and her team is doing is very commendable, said the Prime Minister.

On the other hand, The Honourable Minister Lizzy Nkosi, was very grateful for the PM’s visit to the Ministry and assured him that the Ministry of health is working very hard to reaching to its vision “A healthy and productive Swazi population that lives longer, fulfilling and responsible lives”. Nkosi also mentioned that she is very hopeful that the fiscal challenges faced by the Government will soon come to an end as that will enable the Ministry to improve on service delivery.    

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