Minister Speech

Processing land applications and transactions (Crown Grant);
Keep a database of all land transactions between government and the public;
Keep a record of all vacant government land;
Conduct site inspections on all government land usage;
Facilitate land allocations of all vacant government land;
Advise Principal Secretary on issues relating to urban land management;
Acquire land for government.

Administration of Town Planning Act, 1961; Housing and Building Act, 1968; Human Settlements Act, 1988 as amended in 1992;
Formulation and monitoring adherence to physical planning legislation;
Preparation of physical plans, which include structure plans and development codes;
Controlling development through town planning schemes;
Processing land sub-division applications;
Preparation of plot layouts;
Secretariat to Town Planning Board and Human Settlements Authority;
Processing building applications with regard to physical planning guidelines;
Advising public on land and development issues

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