Executive Summary:

The Swaziland Road Safety Council was established in 1983 through an Act of Parliament. The Mandate of the organization is to promote road safety in the country. In pursuit of this function, the Council has to:

  • Plan, develop, monitor and update a national long-term program for the improvement of Road Safety in Swaziland and to supervise its implementation by the concerned agencies.
  • Guide the Government and the public on road safety through organizing symposia, lectures or such other gatherings as may be conducive to the promotion of road safety.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of programs and strategies of responsible agencies.

Mission statement:

The Swaziland Road Safety Council’s mission statement is to be the pioneers, promoters and initiators of road safety for the country’s road users. This shall be done through the mobilisation of all road safety stakeholders in playing their educating, enforcement and engineering roles with a common goal of making the country’s roads safe and traversable.

Policy Objectives:

The target of the Unit is to bring down the number of road accidents (especially fatalities) by at least 10% annually. This includes fatal accidents and serious injuries that impact negatively on the productivity of the population.

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